Wednesday, July 27, 2011


1.     Bailey is becoming better at recall, just because he wants to. Before, I’d have to treat him/coax him, but now, he’ll just listen. It makes me proud.
2.     Bailey loves hogging sleeping bags. If you plop one down, he thinks you’ve laid out this nice fluffy area for him to sleep on. And. He. Wont. Move. Period. Try shifting 33 lbs of muscle J It’s something too adorable for you to be mad at. He will act oblivious and silly about it too (grab a toy or bone, lie down, no eye contact).
3.     Bailey still hates brooms. Of any kind. Even if I close the door to sweep something, he barks at the sound of sweeping.
4.     Bailey is afraid of big black-furred dogs, especially German Shepherds. They must look scary from his height. His ears cock straight back whenever one is in sight. And Sheepdogs still scare him. He’s getting better with the “arrroooosss” of a hound.
5.     I can leave the front door open and Bailey will not run out. I could not say this 6 months ago.
6.     Bailey and I went on our first 4.4. mi run this month around Lake Merced in the city. We’ve never been running together or running, period. Prior to turning 3, I never thought he would be able to (just too rambuctious on the leash, and well, thoughts of him choking on his leash, etc). But he is a GREAT running buddy. Runs right by my side or behind me, and reacts perfectly to leash corrections. Well, neither of us ran the whole way, but Bailey impressed me by running at least 1/3 of it and even made excuses to stop and sniff the eucalyptus leaves. J Boy was he tired after that. We’re going to work on it.
7.     Bailey likes to eat his earwax and eyegoobers. Actually he’s like to do this ever since I can remember, but we’ve never shared that fun fact! It explains why bailey loves to give people kisses on the ear.
8.     We’re going to be making costumes for Bailey and his friend Catch for the upcoming baseball game. It’s a secret but we’ll be sure to post about it. Yes, Bailey is going to the Giants game. This will be our 4th time attending! It’s a tradition!
9.     We’re planning a first-ever camping trip for Bailey for later this summer. Stay tuned for more on that. Have you taken your dogs camping? Any suggestions or lessons-learned?
10.  Bailey has become less destructive with stuffed animals. He still gets in that shredding “zone”…. But he stops immediately when I say “UH-UH do not hurt your toys!”. He immediately stops and looks guilty. Plus, if there is an “accident” hes really attentive and supportive during toy surgery. Haha. Anyways, gives me hope that I can buy some cute stuffed animals for him.
11.  We’ve learned that “uncle” Parker, whom we meet up with twice a year after finding out they got Parker from the same breeder, is acutally BIG BROTHER PARKER. From a previous litter. We originally thought they had different dads, but, well, that was proven wrong. Bailey is super excited to have a big brother.
12. We recently worked locally to improve our corgi meetup location. Instead of meeting in a wood-chipped park close to traffic with horrible parking, Bailey and I successfully worked with other members to move the meetup to a safer, greener and parking-friendly area. Our first meetup was a great success - I want to say 12-13 corgis showed up. We're too excited for next month!

Hope you enjoyed these updates, until next time!