Sunday, June 27, 2010

my little trooper

Bailey and i had an awesome weekend, and i hope you all did too! I feel very fortunate to live in such dog friendly city. There are so many places, ESPECIALLY parks that i can take bbear too. This past weekend i decided to explore a bit and take him to a new park, JOhn Mclaren Park to be exact. Its the second largest park in san francisco outside of Golden Gate Park. BUT unlike GGP, Mclaren Park is located in a hilly park of SF and off-leash friendly!!!... Which means we got to hike a bit and run around!!!! Bailey and i went with one of my frieds, Vivian. We parked in a lot atop a hill and started on our adventure. One of the cool things about this place is that theres a manmade sorta pond that the dogs swim in. Boy... Wheb bbear saw that.... He darted straight out into the pool. I get a bit weary because im not such a great swimmer myself that if i had to go in after him.... It might not be a pretty sight... Soooo i made myself a mental note to bring baileys life vest next time. He has this thing about swimmng after ducks. Boy does it look cute... But it gets my blood pressure to rise and i sorta mini panic... But bbears goood about returning to shore when i call him. Thank goodness!!!! Sooo after we made a couple loops around this pond and bbear got a few swims in,we finally found our bearing and started on our lil hike through the park...... Down some trails... Around a playground... Over a road and some bridges... Pass tthe potties... Past a ampitheatre which i thought was pretty cool! We then let bailey swim a bit more... Chase some dogs... Then back to the car we went.

there was, however, some drama and scariness at the park though. On our way back and past the potties, bbear saw a dog in frnt of the womens restroom. Bailey.. Being his natural happy go lucky playful self decied to dart past the dog to initiate play... But the dog didnt want to.. Well ten bailey decided to go check n see wht was goin on in the bathroom.... Big mistake. The dog attacked bailey and al i heard was screaming. The owner got their dog off bailey and said that it appeared she tried to guard the bathroom and asked if bailey was ok. Now..... what if i was walking into the bathroom instead of bailey... and the dog tried to attack me... oh geez...... THANK GOODNESS bailey was alright... there was plenty of saliva around his throat.. but he ran off like a little trooper and didnt even want me to look at it. He was a bit squeamish after that.. and didnt approach dogs, but we went to the dog park today (twice!!!), and he was fine, but did come to me for security when a chow chow tried to munch his nub off...... but he's such a brave little soul. i love that about him. :)

anyways take a look at some pictures i got while we were there.

 heres a picof bailey staring at the duck and her ducklings in the dirty pond. This is not the pond bailey went swimming in and i was quick to put him on leash so he didn't even think about it.... hahaha.... the other pond was much cleaner and had gates all around it to prevent the ducks from hanging out... and of course i didnt get any pictures because i was too busy keeping my tabs on him to make sure he didint venture too far.

Heres's a picture of bailey after his swim at the clean pond. we saw this really neat looking rock, and told bailey to stand uptop it. I use the keyword "chicken" to get bailey to look at the camera.. and snap snap snap.. we get wonderful pictures like this. And.. he does get some chicken afterwards :)

 And here's a picture of bailey zipping down the trail because he sees the big pool of clean water over to the left. looks like a wild bunny from the back. :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend too... now back to work for the week, and im hoping to continue my video fridays and regular blog posting again... :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

bailey: i have a job!

It’s summer, and Bailey is the equivalent of a teenager…. Lets see…. 2.5 dog years equates to about 14-15 years old eh? So, it’s time for my booger to find a job to support his mom!... hahaahahah ok ok ok… not what you think.. but…. It all started this past weekend.

Bailey’s been very proud of himself since this past Sunday, when he landed a new job that he’s very excited about. He’s earned and has taken over the title of Frisbee Transportation Manager, a title I used to hold but something I’m glad to have passed on. J It all started last Sunday, while we were playing fetch up atop the sand dunes by at Fort Funston, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Bailey was so so happy and went about hysterical when I’d go to pick up the frisbee. When our fetch session was over, I threw the frisbee one last time and he went to get it, I got up, and while he was running back, I said the usual “bring it here” but kept walking. He followed, with the frisbee in his mouth, and didn’t drop it at all! So I was thinking… how cute is that?? So I praised him a bunch and we continued walking the path to the parking lot. Bailey dropped it several times (he was trying to multi-task but found it hard to stick his long tongue out and hold the frisbee and pant all at the same time), but as soon as I’d point to the frisbee and say “get it!”, he’d pick it up on the very edge (like he didn’t want to touch the dirt that was caked onto it), and continue his trot up to the parking lot. It was such a cute sight to see. Bailey looked SO proud of himself for having this job to do….. too cute! I can’t help but smile when I see him trotting with the frisbee in his mouth.

To ensure that he didn’t think of this stint as a temporary summer-sorta job, I took the frisbee to the dog park yesterday and he did the same thing – carry it all the way to the car! J I think someone deserves a raise (treats) here! He also seems pretty happy to have me as a boss. :D

Also, thanks to everyone for the pill suggestions. I think I will try the peanut butter trick next time…… and get it on video!

And, to update, here’s a picture of me wearing the corgi socks I was blogging about in my last post!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June, Pills & Socks

Wow. The month of june has passed by so quickly. I love the long summer days and am amazed every night that the sun does not set until close to 9, and the natural light coming through the windows wakes me up in the morning rather than some noisy alarm clock (well, most of the time).

Bailey and I haven't had many adventures thus far in June, primarily since I've been spending time out of town for work. Now that I'm back for good (I think), I'm thinking of what we should do. Perhaps a road trip... or a visit to a place that is new... we'll see.

Bailey gets a heartworm/flea pill once a month, but he's too smart to take it easily. I've tried wrapping it in a pill pocket treat (he'll just chew up the treat and swallow, and spit the pill out. I've also tried "hiding" it in his kibble (he'll just eat around it and leave only the pill behind). I've tried "sneaking" it in his mouth  by bombarding him with yummy treats that i know hed swallow and not chew (but the texture of the pill sets off flashing red alarms in his mouth). I've resorted to holding him down, putting the pill way far back in his mouth and holding his muzzle shut until he swallows... Sounds aggressive but that's the only way he'll take it. Even when I do this, he tries to keep his mouth shut so I can't pry it open to stick the pill in. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to make this process a bit more pleasant for both him and I..... has anyone ever crushed a pill and mixed it up in something??!?!!?

Here's a random question - what is the silliest corgi-themed merchandise you own or thought of buying? I recently received some uber-cool corgi socks (kinda like the ones pictured on the left) for my birthday from a coworker (thanks Faith!!!).. :D..... I just go about crazy when I see anything with a corgi on it.... :). I'm sure they probably make Corgi-themed oven mitts, shower curtains, ties and maybe even underwear.. who knows!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My sunshine

hi everyone!!!! :) its really really warm in san francisco this weekend... Such perfect weather to spend time outdoors with my best friend. every second saturday, bailey and i make the trip to crissy beach then to the corgi meetup. Today was special though.. I hadnt seen bailey in a week and we only havve weekends together until..... The end of next week!!! :) soooooo bailey was sooooo happy to be able to splish splash in the deep puddles. We also played fetch and he swam a bit. I felt happy that he was so happy runningg free... Rolling in the sand... And just enjoying the cooler air along the bay. We then took a walk on the trail (which is where we took this picture) and he dried of a bit and we found a nice quiet spot to enjoy the view and lay in the sun. Bailey was too tired to dig a hole and instead just plopped down and watched passerbys. we then made it over to the corg meetup and omg it mustve jumped 10 degrees inland because none of the corgis or their people left the shade. We were so happy to see all of baileys buddies including benzo, who we hadnt seen since bbear was a pup. We also met two new corgi pups today (peaches and soren)b.... They were sooooooo cute!! Such big paws.. I miss the puppy days. Bailey acted as the dog prk sheriff and barked whenever two of the younger ones were playing ( esp nick and teddy) hha. I didnt coount the corgs but there were plenty today! If i remember correctly, in attendance today was: bbear, benzo, queenie, kiko, waffles, mona lisa, nicholas, teddy, miso, ringo, peaches and soren. Fabulous corgi meetup!!! It was too hot and i couldnt function enough to take pictures hhaaa. Sorry! as i type, bailey is napping away. My mom doesnt take him to the dog park when shes watchin over her grandfurryson, so bbear loses a bit of his athleticness haha .. Almost like hes been on vvacation for a week. well! Tommorrow is my 26th birthday. Wish i could take bailey to dinner with me!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Petsmart is currently having a sale on their Simple Essentials Dog Treats (Science Diet brand), 2 for $4.99. However, there's a coupon on the Hill's Science Diet Website for $3 off one bag (coupon will need to be adjusted downwards... or you can get some "overage" to use on other items purchased). You do need to register for the website... and don't forget you can print two coupons (hit ALT + back arrow after printing the first one).

The sale runs through Monday, June 21st. Bailey already has plenty of treats (oh if you could only see his own pantry - maybe i oughta do a post on that).... so I will probably end up donating these treats to the SPCA.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Back together again.... At last

bailey and i are back together again.. At least for a couple of days. Ill be leaving again sunday. I think this will go on till bout the third week of june. When im away, work keeps me so busy so im not lonely and thinking of bailey. But i think about him everyday nonetheless even if its for a second. I was getting ready to leave the office one day and guess what i saw on my chair?!? It was a fiber of baileys hair! Lol. So. Technically bbears has visited texaas now... Since im sure dna counts more than.... Pee... Hahh anyways so when i picked bbear up today at my moms, of course bbear was wagging his entire body. I decided that id take him on anice long walk rather than go to the dog park because i really just wanted bailey and me time. My mom lives two blocks from golden gate park. So naturally, we walk there. We saw another dog and bbear went just about bonkers and tried to play. Hhha (mind you he hasnt seen another four legged animal in a week - i think). Anyways we walked... For an hour. Along the beach, through the park and we went exploring. We went by the historical windmills and the flower garden. If u have facebook, go check out the pics on bbeara facebook page (bailey bear) . Im writing this entry via text msg so i wont be able to upload much i dont think. Anywhooooo i really really enjoyed my walk with bbear but then i had to give him a bath and i swear he was mumbling about how i am such a mean mom,etc. Errrr!! Well everyone have a awesome weekend and give ur pups an extra xoxo from me and bbear when u head out the door!