Monday, April 9, 2012

So!... my boy is a star (at least in my eyes!)

We haven't done an actual post in awhile. It feels nice to actually write about something!

A couple of week’s back, I entered Bailey in a local photo contest/casting call for Molly Mutt (a dog bed duvet company). The winners would be photographed by Kira Stackhouse over at Nuena Photography (she was awesome!). The top five dogs who got the most “likes” on their facebook photograph were determined the winners. It was a tight race, but Bailey (and two other corgis!!) secured a spot in the top five. We want to thank all of the folks who voted for Bailey’s picture, we are forever grateful!

Once the winners were announced,, bailey and I leaped for joy and did happy dances at work and at home. J We scheduled a photo shoot for soon after that, and had a blast. We arrived at their photo studio in Berkeley, CA and were greeted by both Kira and a representative from Molly Mutt. Bailey acted pretty much like a pro and we were done with our photo session in less than ½ hour. I was so proud!

So fast forward a few weeks, and here we are now. We’ve gotten a bunch of proofs from our shoot, and the online ads/pictures were just released a few days ago and Bailey appears in two of them. Check them out here:

The paper catalog came out and I requested multiple copies. Bailey appears in three pages!

And as for my opinion on the product itself – it’s a great idea. A couple of weeks ago, Bailey threw up all over his bed (after eating something off the street). It’s always great to have a spare duvet in the closet for such occasions – and I can tell you quality of this duvet is awesome. Nice, thick, colorful and quality-sewn. As a part of the gig, Bailey received a bed. He loves it as you can see (i love bow ties on him, its so handsome!):

What a great experience. J Thanks to Kira for the pictures and Molly Mutt/Kira for holding the contest.

p.s. we had a great weekend. I did a photo shoot atop Mount Davidson with Bailey - it was a lovely day in the city this past Saturday. Mount Davidson is the the highest natural point in the city (which i was surprised to learn - i thought twin peaks was). We saw awesome view of the city, and Bailey and I enjoyed the scenery and company!

hes's a poser!

nice to see other doggies!

california poppies and the city. LOVE

mt davidson cross! very appropriate to be visiting easter weekend!

my home

love this pic. Bailey's either watching the scenery or the butterfly flying by :)