Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pet Expo; Swollen Paw!

If you've seen the past two pictures we posted yesterday, you'll notice both were from the Bay Area Pet Expo! Well - we spent our whole day there yesterday. It was fun! It was the first time the event was held here. We welcome it very much because there are not many events that Bailey and I can go together. I don't think they were expecting the number of visiotrs we did because there were SO MANY PEOPLE AND DOGS. Bailey was a bit nervous, but did well especially with frequent breaks outdoors to get fresh air. There were adoption events, and lots of vendors selling services and products, and of course a bunch of freebies too. We entered in a bunch of giveways, and spent some time washing the splash dogs (which was REALLY cool to see dogs leap over the platform for their toys.!!!!). Bailey  There were agility demos and a costume contest too :) I didn't manage to multitask on this trip, getting only two pictures. But, we totally recommend the event and its coming to a couple of cities this year. Our local one had a facebook page, so I suggest trying to see if yours does too.

March 26th, 2011- South Florida
April 16 - Houston
May 7th - Phoenix
May 21 - Charlotte
July 30 - San Antonio
Aug 20 -Denver
Sept 24 - New England
Oct 8 - New Mexico
Oct 29 - St Louis
Nov 12 - Atlanta

Links to each are available along the left hand toolbar at Bay Area Pet Expo.

Bailey got a couple of things from the expo, but my highlight was finding him a replacement for the deer antler he finished last year. I got him a new antler! It was about 12" long and only $14 - great deal! :) We also lucked out and got some Blue Buffalo Jerky for $2/bag. :) Bailey's favorite booth was this booth that was selling frozen pet food. They had a toaster oven on site and was making treat sized samples for the doggies.. and humans! Well - Bailey had about 10 of them because everytime he passed the booth the smell would suck him in and no one said no to him. hahahaha. little booger. I think Bailey gained 5 lbs yesterday. :T But he had a blast attending with his BFF Catch Baker. Also, we spun a wheel and won a "dog bracelet". Its cute. It says "Run Fast". Only was able to keep it on for 2 minutes before Bailey started chewing on it.

Last night right before going to bed, Bailey was licking one of his paws, and sorta chewing at it. So, i took a look and it looked like something had cut the skin between his "main" toepad and the rest of this toepads. I put some antibiotic cream on it, wrapped him in a pink valentine sock and we went to bed.

When we woke up this morning, I took the sock off, and his paw had swollen up and was a bit puffy. However, nothing had changed form where i thought the cut was - and I am wondering if it had anything to do with the antibiotic cream - or the rubber band i  used to to secure the sock on. Anywhoo, got a bit scared. Our vet was closed so... I took him to the mobile clinic (thank goodness they were doing shots this morning at the local pet store!!) . They normally only do vaccinations and testing, but I hoped the volunteer vet on staff would be nice enough to look at it free of charge. And, he did. What a nice young guy :). He said that it was swollen but he couldn't be sure if it was a cut or if he got a splinter in it. So, he helped me shave some fur around the paw and wiped the area with some first aid stuff. He said watch it for pus, and keep bailey from long walks or runs for a few days. We thanked him a bunch of times then we were were on my way.  So! it was too nice of a day, so we went to the park. Bailey spent it half on/ half off leash. He had a blast - Callie was there of course and he has the cutest expression when I say "let's go find callie" - he looks so determined and excited to find her - as if he has butterflies in his tummy. hehe. Anywhoo, had a blast at the park, and strange thing was that after......... the swelling was completely gone. he laid down in the parking lot for me to furminate him before going home and to clean the paw... and it was now back to normal size (picture)! Well.... maybe it was the rubber band that cut off circulation.. swelling the paw up? I don't know. Anyways, Bailey's been putting weight on it, theres no pain when i squeeze it or anything, and he doesnt act as if anything is different except licking it last night. Since then he hasn;t licked it. well! we hope it will heal up soon.  Above is a most recent picture of it. It's not oozing anything and we hope it wont. poor little guy. I will give him extra hugs and kisses.

Well we are extremely sad that the weekend is over, but hope that everyone has a great week ahead and..... enjoy all our pictures!!!!!!

Bailey 5 minnutes ago. All fluffy from his bath.

Bailey chewing on his new reindeer antler. yummy! treat for being a good patient of mommy's and tolerating a pink sock....
Bailey on Friday happily chewing away at his rawhide. 
He even knows how to look happy doing it. Actually, I think he's trying to say: "mom - really? - while im on my side chewing this??"? It was really cute because he had it inbetween his two paws like he was hugging it. :)

Bailey showing off his pearly whites. i brush his teeth once a week. :) 

Here's a video we just shot before I took the picture of the paw. he is really tired from this weekend's activities.... haha

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photo a day

Rain and cold yesterday.. Sun and warm today! Thats the bay area for you!!!
Rain and cold yesterday.. Sun and warm today! Thats the bay area for you!!!

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo a day. Raining cats and dogs!! Had to whip out the raincoat.!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photo a day. Bailey stops for a treat break on our evvening walk!! Look how cute.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photo a Day #2 - Doodles

Doodle break I love doodling. (doodles are photos too, and if not, heres a photo of a doodle. LOL). Expresses how i feel when bailey decides to take on something new. I will probably never let him surf though.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photo a Day

We heard of this fantastic idea from Bailey and Cali over at Bailey & Cali, two pups one tale. :) If you are already facebook friends with bailey - our pictures will probably also be sent there as well!.Well, here's a picture taken over the weekend to start with:

We picked up the latest issue of Bay Woof from our local mom n pop pet store and Bailey was surely intersted about all the doggie happenings around town during the month of February! If I left that paper on the ground any longer I think Bailey might just shred it like a hamster and sleep on it. Bailey loves to shred paper.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Bailey and I pledged to attend Subaru's Game Day Dog Walk Event. Basically it's a pledge to get off the couch and walk your dog on superbowl sunday.Well Bailey and I didn't really need to pledge, but in addition to taking him to the dog park this morning to meet up one of his BFF's Callie, we decide to also take a really really long walk and check out something Bailey and I have never seen...... the infamous Ingleside Terraces Sundial - ok not really famous, but a true hidden neighborhood gem - which was erected in 1913 (almost 100 years old!). I wonder if they'll have a party for it. We'd sure like to attend. :)

As I type this, it appears the Green Bay Packers have won. I don't follow much football but when asked this week at work who I was rooting for, I said Green Bay. The "Steelers" just sounded a bit.. violent and well ummm well you can see I ddin't justify it much on anything except I'm pretty superstitious and well I was making an excel chart at work and made the columns green and yellow unknowingly.. well except I liked how the colors looked on the chart. Well!!!!

Anyways, we started off this morning with a trip to the park, to meet up one of Bailey's BFF's Callie. Bailey only know a few dogs by name. Not much to report here except it was a lovely day and Bailey had so much fun with his buddy. Here are two videos of them two lovebirds (ahem i mean buddies) wrestling:

After we came home, we did some chores around the house and then well decided on our trip to the sundial. It took us a good 20 minutes to walk there, which bailey panted most of the way because today was a strange warm day in San Francisco. We broke a record high for this time of year.. I believe we hit 76! It was 69 indoors all day that that was enough for us both to whip out our shorts. So we ventured out on our walk. Whenever I change out of my PJ's into  "outdoor" clothing, bailey paces and whines - because he KNOWs I am going somewhere. He doesnt know if its with or without him, but he gets excited. He was of course happy to find out he was coming along. 

When we made it there, we were greeted by 5 teenage sunbathers who took spot right on the base of the sundial. oh great. chatting away about this and that... hahaa anyways, bailey and i made it over to one hte benches where i whipped out my camera and started taking pics of bailey and the sundial. Here are some of them. We sure hope you enjoy them!
Bailey the Corgi and the Sundial

a daisy i picked

and then proceeded to "plant" on bailey's forehead

watching the sunbathers

hanging out

Next time, we'll get pictures on the base of it!!!! Have a great week, everyone!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Corgis at the dog show; happy new year again!

There was a dog show in town this past weekend, it rolls in once a year at the Cow Palace here in San Francisco, put together by the Golden Gate Kennel Club, and sponsored by Pedigree. Bailey isn't allowed (only show dogs) so he had to stay home all day. There’s lots of dog shopping (food, treats, toys), and theres lots of dog-watching. J The corgis showed in the morning and I was excited they were in a good ring (a ring with seats in the main hall – not out in one of the “barns”). We saw as they widdled down the the #1 corgi – which was a fawn colored corgi shown by a woman wearing a grey skirt with ruffles (more on that later). So, after the corgis were up, we went to walk around to all the benches (in a benched show, all the entered dogs have to stay on their “benches” for the entire day – great for the public!). So we met a whole bunch of dogs, dogs that were bigger than my cousins (irish wolfhounds), and little fuzzy dogs too. The vendors were also great this year – many samples and treats for free…and did I mention shopping?!?! Anyways, fast forward a few hours and it was time for the Best in Show. We watched all the other groups. It was strange though. The woman in the ruffles who showed the winning corgi also was showing some other winners in other groups – the French bulldog, some type of terrier…. And she was always placing in the top 4! That skirt must’ve been lucky. So, I don’t know why it is, but the Herding group always shows last. We waited and waited and waited and finally the little corgi came out in the herding group with her handler in the ruffle skirt (of course!), and the woman judge kept looking and looking and she finally pointed…. At the corgi!. So the corgi got #1 in the herding group! :) That means that the corgi will be in the Best in Show round… and… the corgi did strut her stuff, but didn’t end up winning. We thought for sure, but a Weimaraner (sp?) won! Well.. it was still fun to see the cute little corgi strutting her stuff. I also met one breeder in particular that was super nice and actually struck conversation with me when I walked by her bench. I’m keeping her in my notes for that one day that Bailey will allow me to get him a little brother. =) Maybe I'll name him Ruffles too. =P

Oh and about Bailey.... Bailey was super happy about me bringing home toys and treats and his cousins. :)

some corgis getting ready for the corgi finals!

checking out the show breeder benches! its an irish wolfhound! look at the sizze!!!

all the corgis lining up showing off their stuff

look at that butt!

the winning corgi with her handler in a ruffle skirt!

the best in show round, the weimaraner goes to claim his prize, while the cute corgi walks away....

Bailey has been recently doing this thing. Ill sit on the living room rug to watch tv. He’ll get his rawhide and walk past me like a cat and then just plop down right next to me, sorta leaning his hind quarters on me. it’s really cute – like he’s telling me I’m here! Of course it makes me feel guilty about whatever I am doing at the moment because I am obviously not paying attention to him!! I like this grown-up more-affectionate and dependent bailey. =)

And we hope everyone is staying warm if you are a part of the country where it appears to be freezing and snowing and icy!!! It’s been unusually DRY and WARM here on the west coast…..

Oh! And Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!! May you all have a prosperous and healthy 2011!!! Today is a start of 2 weeks of celebrating with yummy foods and time with family. It’s not my year (I am a Rat), but it’s the year of the Rabbit! – and... Bailey was born in the year of the Pig! If he were only born two weeks later, he would also be in the year of the Rat!!!!  . I am deathly afraid of rats…. Go figure. Anyways, you can read more about it here :