Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011 - yes were late

Hi Everyone! We haven't had time to blog in awhile. Between work, taking care of the furry kid, embarking on baking adventures and sleeping, there isn't ever enough time in the day. However, Bailey and I had a wonderful halloween in the city. We stayed home and handed out candy to the neighborhood kids (bailey dressed up as a banana, I as a monkey), but other than that, it was a pretty quiet night. And only in San Francisco will you get two guys ring your doorbell and tell you that they are "Protestors" for halloween... HAH!

Anywhoo, here are some pictures from the halloween events we attended in the city, and the captions below them explain them in more detail. The first event we went to was held at the local doggie daycare Pet Camp....and Bailey won the first prize! That was exciting. Bailey paraded over a bridge and the kids went oooohhhh and ahhhh at his costume and after some intense judging, he won the prize. He was too into sniffing some labs behind when he was announced at the winner that he looked sorta dazed and confused at all the clapping. Another corgi in a santa suit placed 3rd!

The second event we went to was sponsored by the San Francisco SPCA, Pet Pride Day. We were excited that this event took place this year becuase last year, the rain cancelled the entire thing. This year, it was back in full swing. Their costume contest had 75 entries, and some folks sure did go all out, so we did not make the cut, but were impressed at the winners. They had disc dog demonstrations, adopt a pet exhibits, even a place for guinea pigs, and a honey bee hive!.

Other than the two events, Bailey and I were enjoying the daylight in the late evenings (which now does not exist). we can no longer to go the park after I get home from work, but we find other ways to get in his exercise. My not so little guy is now 36 lbs.

Enjoy the pictures! We hope to write again soon with all the holidays coming up and such!

Here's me with the hay bale maze. there were bales of hay and i had fun finding my way to the middle

me and my corgi friend kiko on the bridge

they made pupsicles for the dogs and they were delicious but idont know how some ended up on my forehead.... i slightly remember getting too excited about it and walked right into it instead of eating it mom said

some yums for the adults. i kept hanging out under the table hoping that stuff would drop to the ground and the pumpkin man kept shooing me away

here i am attempting to bob for tennis balls but i was too short to reach them so they had to tilt the basket. :)

heres my costume! i was brian wilson, closer for the giants!

see i told you. shade + food droppings  = happy dog

almost there, ma! 

they even had paw-painting for the dogs! heres my work of art!

There was also a pumpkin decorating station where mom decorated a pumpkin for us to take home

and the kiddie pool, i love the feeling of cool water on my paws on hot sunny days!
I really loved this chocolate lab at the party. she smelled really good and i couldnt stay away from her, but she wanted nothing to do with me :O

the santa corgi!

me and callie hanging out on the grass enjoying the disc dogs and pet trick contest

Thats it folks. :)