Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family Reunion

We had lots of fun this weekend. Bailey has one blood uncle Parker that lives in Southern California, and comes up to see us twice a year since they have relatives in the area. Parker's sister Penelope also comes to visit. We love seeing them because they all get along and its always fun when there are ball dogs chasing balls and dog dogs chasing the ball dogs. :)

Bailey will help me write this blog entry.. *calls over Bailey*.

Hi! Mom and I were super excited to see park and penel this weekend. we went shopping weeks ago for some surprise gifts to tie them over until xmas :) and off we went. my human cousins also came with and they were fabulous company in the car. when we arrived, i could barely contain myself at the sight of all the beach sand. I just went about hysterical and tried my best to wiggle out of my collar and run free. but mom caught on fast and she held on tight. Mom finally let go and WHOOSH i went. I ran straight, about 100 feet towards the bay water. I was so happy my little legs were moving faster than I could think and by the time i realized i was at the shore, i wondered where mom and my cousins were, still where they unleashed me, so back i ran... wow i felt tired.

Anyways i ran and chased and barked some dogs until finally my uncle parker and aunt penelope arrived. I dashed right over and gave parker a hello smell and i think he said  "hello nephew!" and auntie penelope kept staring at the ball and i dont think she noticed me but i also gave her a hello smell. :) Then off we went! parker's mom Arlene and dad Perry were there and, they whipped out the chuck it. then launched the ball and i couldnt help but bark and chase anything going after it. a couple of times uncle parker scolded me for nearly tripping him or getting to close, but i learn fast so we got along quickly. It was fun running through the water. i am not sure why i like this water better than clean tub water at home but i think thats part of being a boy. were just like that. so we played a lot, ran a lot, and even ran into one of our regular corgi meetup friends, Kiko. she added a lot of fun to the mix because she kept the ball away from penelope and parker. :)

so! mom and the other people stopped to eat lunch but i was too busy so i still kept playing. even if it was peanut butter and jelly, i still felt i needed to soak up every bit of fun on the water. and i felt the urge to chase every dog. the bay water was so cool against my fur too. it felt great! We then walked along the shore and ran and ran and ran and played.

Now today, I am so pooped I've been lying around all day...  nice and relaxing. Mom and I are looking forward to watching the game together in our bandanas. Wait, I mean I will be in a bandana and mom will be in a shirt.

Perry was good at taking pictures of us all, so here is a summary of my favorite ones:

we were chasing a lot. some of us knew what we were chasing, some of us just ran with the crowd!

we all like water

ball thief ball thief!!!

my uncle parker showing me how to climb sand hills. i am watching intently

we stopped for a rest and a picture. thats me on the far right if you cant tell!

family picture

we like running!

Long tongues must run in the family :)

keeping the herd in check

look at me!

i love my sand-coated fur :P

Time to go back to my nap now. until next time,

Friday, June 24, 2011

Weird Fears

Well we all know our dogs pretty much dislike cleaning utensils (vacuums, broom, etc).. and also afraid of fireworks, but Bailey has some additional weird fears I thought we worth sharing just to see if its a corgi thing, a common thing, or well, if Bailey is unique!

Bailey is afraid of the sound of blowing trash bags in the wind (i.e. if a neighbor has a trash bag over a plant out front and its a windy day), he will approach cautiously then do a all-of-a-sudden sprint. Which is bad! when you're living on a city street with car traffic and well, he could pull me right into the street unexpectedly! Maybe he thinks they are dog traps.. or something?

Bailey is afraid of of the sound of rattling treat bags & jars. Yes, he loves the goodies inside these containers but absolutely HATES when i jiggle the treat bag or shake his treat jar, or shake the tub that his kibble is in. Once he hears this, he squints and backs away. I wonder why. Perhaps a rattlesnake encounter in a previous life (I believe dogs are reincarnated after reading the book "The Art of Racing in the Rain"  - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).. or... maybe its just one of those sounds his ears cant take (like my ears and the clashing of metal against metal - ERKKKKK!!). Anyways, its interesting.

What weird fears do you corgis have?

On another note, Bailey has relatives in town!!! We're going to have a mini family reunion this weekend with Uncle Parker and family. They sent us this picture yesterday to let us know they've made it to town safely. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunny sunday in the city

in a secret location sneaking in a game of fetch! :) (looks like people do studying here!)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

See sawfor dogs on the beach!

stumbled upon this log washed ahore that rocked back and forth like a seeb saw.. Got bailey to go on one end. And he did! It looks promising if we evver try agility!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Look at who gets a marrow bone!!

what dog wouldnt love these? We get them from the freezer at our local pet food express and he gets them as a treat once a month. Im going to time him to see how long it takes him to complete it.. Care to take any guesses??? :) its only abbout 4 inches long and 3 inchhes in diameter. But its frozen solid!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Does it still look like a frisbee

i think he loves to chew this soft like plastic. He loves catching frisbees but if the frisbee aint flyin,bailey thinks its fun to chew it up and spit pieces of plastic all over the rug. Hah! I guess its good it wasnt my purse or something huh! :)