Friday, June 10, 2011

Look at who gets a marrow bone!!

what dog wouldnt love these? We get them from the freezer at our local pet food express and he gets them as a treat once a month. Im going to time him to see how long it takes him to complete it.. Care to take any guesses??? :) its only abbout 4 inches long and 3 inchhes in diameter. But its frozen solid!


That corgi :) said...

looks delicious!! a tasty treat indeed!! I'm thinking 45 minutes??


Kat said...

Lilu is so jealous!! how much are they roughly? I'm guessing 1 hr 15min :)

Karen and Bailey said...

at Pet Food Express, you can get like 6 of them for around $10.00. On a per pound basis.. pretty epxensive for some bones (the package is at most like 2 lbs!) , but on a per bone basis, good deal considering the time. But of courese there are about three different kinds you can buy, we just bought the cheapest ones . It took bailey a little over an hour to finish it!!! Goood guesses, people! plus.. he liked to munch on the edges of the bone afterwards but then that invited some ant friends so i had to toss the bone.