Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Secret Santa!

This post is way overdue! It's almost 2011! :) Well, Bailey and I participated in Kelly and Gibson's Secret Santa gift exchange. What fun it was to participate!! The event was held using Elfster (we love that site). Anywhoo, Bailey and I drew Jenny and Stanley (+Charlotte)! It's kinda funny because they were also our Paw it Forward recipients. :)Click on the link above to see what we got Stanley and his new little sister.

Anyways, our secret santa was Lilu and Kat!  When Bailey received the gift , he was already wanting to open it. As a side story - bailey loved to tear cardboard as a pup. I didn't mind because it was better than carpet and the baseboard. He;s outgrown it, but still loves to shred paper - so if theres a piece of paper on the ground - you'll bet it'll be shredded into a bazillion pieces. I swear i can somehow turn this into a business. Corgi Shredders at your service! hahaha..

Take a look at the pics below to see what we got!

bailey sniffing the present

bailey gently opening the present. going after the box of course. like any other 2 year old. hahah j/k

finally realizes its a toy!!!! he instantly started munching on it

we threw it a couple of times and he returned it back. It's a chuck-it surfboard toy?? It's floatable so it will be fun to use on our beach outings! Thanks Lilu and Kat! 

We went to the park this morning and i snapped this pic of bailey. thought it looked interesting cause he looks like a wild animal!!!!
and heres a pic of bailey in his new scarf, we found it on temporary price cut at target! woohoooo!!

and last but not least here's one of many videos of bailey opening up presents!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meeting Uncle Parker and Penelope!

Note: our wonderful cousin Anna wrote our blog for today, because......  she's cool! I did make some edits (in parenthesis).

Ooohmygoshh! It was sooooooo fun today. I'm EXHAUSTED. Ok, so, today I woke up, and did my daily routine of trying to wake up my mom. When she finallyy woke up, I was totally wide awake and eager to begin the day. I ate my breakfast, (watched mom eat breakfast, get ready) and went into the car. Mom moved my cage to the trunk. Which was horrible, I repeat, HORRIBLE. After she lured me in with a treat, I was locked in (It's not that horrible! I drive a Rav4 - so its really NOT a trunk!!). 
 When we reached my cousin's house, which seemed like, FOREVERRR, I charged inside. My cousins love me and I love them, to. There was hugs and kisses- all for meee! Mommy was happy, too. They were excited to give my mom their Christmas cards to her. I sneaked a look and saw that the cards were totally seriously awesomeeee (the only gift i really ask from my little cousins are handmade christmas cards. they are so adorable!!!) ! Anywayss, I started investegating the house with my super duper nose. Soon, Mom made lunch (for the kiddos). Afterwards, we all packed into the car, but only the smallest two cousins, becuase the oldest one had to go to her friend's housse for homework. Well, she was dissapointed, and so was I.  First they did some shopping. And boy were there alot of people! Probably because there were lots of last minute Christmas shopping. I wasn't allowed to go to those stores, well, wasn't that dissapointing, they weren't pet shops anyways.

 It was about 2:30 by the time they finished. My mom and cousins went stright to Fort Funston, TO MEET MY UNCLE PARKER. Something weird happened when we were in the parking lot. So, my Mom was driving around looking for the closest spot there was, and up ahead was a car.. with the trunk open.. DRIVING AWAY! Woah woah woah. We watched in confusion as the car started backing out of the parking space. Suddenly, the dog jumped out of the trunk!!! My mom started honking to get the lady's attention, and so did some other lady. Thats when she realized that her trunk was open. She thanked us, herded her dog back into the car, and drove off (that was something.. so strange!!). 
 My mom took me out of the car finally and I ran out. I love Fort Funston! And the weather was the best today (its was pouring last week and today was the first time the sun came out in over two weeks i think!!) . Anna, the middle cousin, spotted Uncle Parker first. We ran over there, giving greetings, and smiles. Uncle Parker, on the other hand, looked.. EXACTLY LIKE ME. The only difference was that he had white fur on his neck, and I didn't. But besides that, and how small he was (uncle parker is about 27 lbs and I am near 35!!), no one can tell the difference. The adults blabbed on for a while amazed how similar we looked. Finally they moved. Uncle Parker and his sister, Penelope, were what I call ball crazy. People were all oohing about us, corgis, and I loved the attention(: . Then, we reached the beach- OHHYEAHHHH!!!!  It was Anna and Amy's first time going to the beach, because my mom doesn't always go there. Probably because theres this hill you have to climb down just to get there. Well Anna and Amy were freaked out. It was going down.. in sand! And the sand was wet because of the ocean? I don't know. Well, when everyone finally got down there, Uncle Parker and Penelope started chasing the ball again. I, on the other hand, ran over to the water, getting myself soaked. What can I say? It felt good! :D
 Well, we played on the beach for lets say.. two hours? About two hours. I was simply SO TIRED. Everyone eventually got tired and said it was getting late, so we started up the hill. When everyone was on top of the hill, we saw ANOTHER corgi! We talked for a while, and I was so tired that I just plopped down on the sand. We walked back to the parking lot, and said our goodbyes. It was sad, but on the brighter side, I am so glad I met my Uncle Parker and Auntie Penelope. When we got home Anna carried me into .. THE BATHTUB. OH NO. THE BATHTUB. NOO!! So, I had to take a bath. My cousins scrubbed soap on me this time, and Mom was the 'treat dispenser'. At least I got treats! 
 So the washed me and then I just rolled around all over the carpet, groomed my paws, and just rested. What a day! Tomorrow, I'm gonna sleepover at my cousins' house. ITS GOING TO BE MY FIRST CHRISTMAS AT THEIR HOUSE! Boy am I excited. So are they! Well, better get my paws off the keyboard. I need to get my rest for tomorrow! MERRY CHRISTMASS!!!!!! :D

(Thank you to Arlene, Perry, Parker and Penelope for the christmas present and a fabulous time today. We enjoyed every bit of it and hope to see you guys soon!) Merry Christmas!

Here's Penelop, Parker and Bailey. Penelope and Parker are 4 years old, and Bailey will be turning 3 on January 21st! Everyone is tired and taking a rest on the beach after some serious fetching!

Bailey following his cousins down the beach in search of seashells by the sHEESHORE

Bailey and his uncle Parker hanging out and enjoying the view on the bench.

Bailey peeking from the "trunk" on our ride to the park. His soft sided crate has a top opening and i leave that unzipped so air can circulate. he's so funny. hahhahahaha he froze like that for 20 seconds trying to see what was going on

on our way down to the beach, waiting for penelope cause she stopped to take a poo. bailey is in the foreground, parker in the back - in case you cant tell!

three corgi butts and one tennis ball mid air. Who's gonna get there first?!?!?!?

Penelope and Parker are such good pals. They even walk side by side back to their parents after retrieving the ball!
Here's bailey barking in his uncle's ear: "Hey hey uncleeeee stop chasing the ball dude!!"

Here are two videos of them on the beach (1 uploaded so far, another to come!):

bailey received a present from uncle parker and his family for christmas. we decided to open it early because bailey said he wanted to. we couldnt say no.

thanks!!!! we love all the stuff and bailey is already chewing the fleece apart and ripping it. thank goodness it seems to come out in long pieces! and we will be using the puppware for our sleepover!

There are more pictures on our Flickr site if anyone is interested!

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bailey the Corgi - Winter Break

If Bailey had school, he'd be in winter break now. hahha. :) Anyways, I've taken some vacation from work this week, so of course Bailey was looking for some adventure this morning when I woke up. To our surprise, it was dry outside (mind you we've had rain for the last couple of days and the weatherman says there will be another couple of days of rain), so bailey and i thought the same thing.... DOG PARK TIME!!! I swear everytime we go anywhere i feel like I have a kid. Leash, travel crate, collar, treats, a towel, oh and some water for myself. It's quite a process. Bailey doesn't enjoying hopping in the car for some reason, so it takes a couple of minutes for me to lure him in the car (he doesn't get car sick or anything either). Hmm.. so we arrived at the park. It was nice, dry, and plenty of dogs were out because the whole city probably hadn't been to the park in the last week because of the rain. Bailey found some buddies to play with and i was only able to catch one of them on camera, and ummm Bailey was still a bit nervous until we got onto the sand dunes away from the other dogs, then he just about went back to his normal crazy self and rolled in the sand (its funny sometimes he will actually roll and roll down a sand hill,,,), and it was fun. Took some pics on the fancy cam, and well, came back home because we saw dark clouds coming in and we all know what that means!. We did have a minor scare again, Bailey saw a hound LIKE the one he is afraid of, and, he started running. This time, i just called him. he came close but not close enough for me to grab him so i pulled out his favorite cookies (Three Dog Bakery Lick n Crunch) ,  and he came close enough for me to leash him and he calmed down. Now, thats only because that WASN't the dog. I knew it wasn't.... now everytime i go to the dog park i have to scan for those two lil barkers. We were lucky this time, so Bailey had fun at the park. Woo... success!

 Bailey being a little poser

chasing buddies

rolling around on the sand dune

ruunning back to mom!! the cliff is dangerous!

looking at the storm clouds

being tired - goal accomplished!!!

On another note, we received our secret santa package today from Lilu Randall and her pawrents!!! :) Her lovely gift came with a cute little note .. about cute little Lilu telling Bailey she had a crush on him. She's 1 1/2 and Bailey is almost 3. I think thats close enough in age, eh?. LOL. :) Well that just about made Baileys christmas. lol. He loves the card and hopefully he will keep his paws off the present until Saturday morning.

Oh funny story - last night i had some of my dear friends from high school over for our annual Christmas dinner, and we were opening our presents, and well, Bailey decided hey let me open one too.... well he didnt ask his mom (me), and i didn;t realize it until i heard squeaking. so. Bailey snuck one in!! But I'm going to keep a close eye on the rest!!!!!!!!!

He managed to dissect 6/16 squeakers last night....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Confused Paws

Confused Paws. That's the name of Bailey's first art creation. I was painting something over the weekend and decided to get Bailey in on it. Bailey was being really sweet so I put two dining room chairs together like a bench, and we both sat there while I painted... then a thought came into my mind. like "hmmm since hes behaving so well perhaps..... ill lather paint on his paws and make some art!!". It wasn't too messy. I took some paint and painted them on his paws, pressed it against the canvas, and immediately wiped it off with baby wipes. He was good and didn't try to lick up any of the paint either. I think he was being very patient and obedient because .. I think to him, it felt like mud. He loves mud puddles, so perhaps he thought we were mud painting. Nevertheless, he created it all himself! :) And we think its PAWESOME! haha. Do you think we could turn this into a business? Bailey's kibble is only going to get more expensive... and we need some ideas!

Other than that, it was another quiet weekend for Bailey and I. I attended a funeral service for a really really close friend of mines who passed away unexpectedly, only 26 years old. Maybe Bailey was able to sense it. I'm not sure - but he was being extra sweet (resting his head on my lap, etc.). Things i noticed that he never does. I can't wait for some time off so I can take him out on a few adventures.

Have a safe and happy week everyone!

p.s. painting is very therapeutic!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Got myself a new camera...

Well! As an early present for myself, I purchased a new camera. The Nikon D3100. My first DSLR. I'm very happy about it. It shoots GREAT pictures indoor and in low light, and well its super fast and the pictures are very sharp! I'm still using auto mode and have the basic lens... but hope to learn how to use all the features in this camera so that I can take awesome-r pictures of Bailey, family and friends! I love taking pictures!!!

Here are some that I shot of Bailey this past weekend. They are not the original high resolution photos (with my internet speed that would take a very long time! All these pictures were taken in the evening indoors w/out flash!

Hi I'm Bailey and I'd like to attend your holiday party this year!

pant pant.. PAANTTTT (after chasing the ball)

Bailey was making growly noises and rolling all over one of his beds. It's so cute.

I sometimes play "peek a boo" with Bailey lol and i covered him in his towel and well, he came up from under it and i snapped a shot of his lovely self draped in a towel!

Hi mom -  didya ask for something? (he looks like a butler doesnt he?)

Now all I need is photoshop. Anyone have a copy they can send me that would be great!! ;)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Scary; Holiday Pics

This past weekend was pretty uneventful for Bailey. I had to take care of some things, so Bailey spent most of his time at grammas (my moms house) or lounging around while I did things at home. Plus, the weather has been wet lately, so we haven’t been able to get out much… and it gets so dark early now that I don’t even get to take him to the park anymore after work….. BUT I did manage to get him out to the park on Friday after work since I work shorter days on Fridays. We headed to the park, and everything seemed fine. About 5 minutes later Bailey ran for the parking lot full speed. Well, of course I knew what it was... but let me start with some background:

If you remember in this post, I shared with you a minor scare we had at the dog park involving two hounds that were chasing Bailey and barking (in hound fashion - the ARROOOFF ARROOOOO sound), and ran for hte parking lot. I managed to catch up to him and had another lady catch him in the distance so taht I could leash him. and well after that day, I learened that that is terrifying for Bailey. He still loves that bark but is now more aware of his surroundings. If you knew Bailey, you'd be like - nothing scares this little guy. Bailey's  so brave in all situations... why would a barking hound bother him?!?! Well for some reason, it scares the life out of him, enough that he will not listen to me and just RUN. So..... on friday.... it happened again.

We arrived at the park like any other normal day. the park is not fenced in, its acres and acres of open land with access to the beach, and  huge parking lot. Bailey started doing tih sbusiness and all of a sudden, out in the distance i heard a ARROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ARROOO and well, Baileys ears perked up about 2 seconds and he turned around and started running. towards the parking lot. where cars are backing out. My blood pressure skyrocketed and i ran after him. Well, long story short, one of our corgi friends (Cow and his dad), saw bailey, recognized him and called him over adn leashed him. The hounds were leaving hte park as we were arriving so we let them leave (which took awhile because the two hounds would not listen to their owner as they started chasing down a shepherd who was also terrified). I took bailey on a leashed walk through the park, and didint let him off again. he calmed down, buti could tell he was on a lookout.

I don't know what to do. I guess I can't really tell the hounds' owners to keep their dog on leash, cause, well the dogs just chasing another dog. So - I'm just going to have to be more careful... but since Bailey's hearing is so much better than mine I don't know if that will work. And, we cannot stop going to this park. It's the best park in the entire world! So... we're hoping to just hopefully not be at the park when the hounds are there.  Losing him scares me as much as the hounds scare him. ARGH.

This weekend went by quick. We did manage to send out our secret santa gift last week too, so our lucky recipient should be receiving it soon. :)

On another happy note, Bailey and I did manage to get our holiday cards in the mail. we ordered them through shutterfly. We ordered three different designs because I couldn't decide (one of them is on the left). It took me forever to get a shot of us together looking at the camera because I did it alone with no help!!!Their cards are high quality! We hope to send those out soon as well. Bailey and I want to send them to you too... so if you don't mind providing me an address - we'd love to send you one. email your address to orangecorgi at gmail. We so far have stanley's and benny/butterballs's since we were paw it forward buddies, but for the rest - I don't! :)