Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bailey's 4th birthday party

Bailey had his 4th birthday party last weekend, which was  blast. The night before the party, I made some brownies and doggie cookies for our goodie bags. Bailey had fun practicing his quality control skills on each batch. On the morning of, we drove and picked up Bailey’s cousins, and arrived at our picnic spot. They just put in some new grills, picnic benches, etc, on a stretch of dog friendly (at least for now) beach/fields here in San Francisco. It has wonderful views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, etc. Sunday also managed to be a wonderful day weather-wise. We have yet to experience the rainy winter we had last year. Bailey’s party last year took place on a windy, foggy, cold day. This year was so much better. Bailey, like last year, co-hosted his 4thbirthday party with his close buddy Catch  - an Australian shepherd that was born two weeks after Bailey. Once all our guests arrived, we took turns manning the grill to cook our burgers. The dogs in attendance had a blast running around and scavenging for food under the picnic tables. Bailey, my little scavenger, sniffed each grill station to see if remnants were left behind from the previous party. The good thing here was that each grill was a good 3 feet off the ground – far better than the camp style grills that are set into the ground. Bailey went to town on those type of grills last year on our camping trip. After the humans ate, both birthday boys got a hamburger and a small slice of cake. We made sure to sing happy birthday and take plenty of pictures. It’s amazing how fast time passes. Here are some great pictures we got of the special day, please be sure to read the captions to get a sense of the setting of each picture. J

Bailey making sure the goodie bags are tied tightly and ready to go!

Bailey and his buddy catch celebrating their 4th birthday with a birthday photo shoot

the other doggie guests at the party - summer is catch's sister, and callie is one of baileys best friends

i undoubtedly believe this picnic table had the best view on the west coast!

catch sniffing out his burger while we are singing

bailey also trying to sniff out his burger. notice we had corgi puppy plates - how cute. also notice that bailey is missing the top bun on his burger. he happened to swipe the top off while i was making it..... hahaha and i told him HEY you're not going to get another piece of bun for doing that!

the human cake, although we did give the dogs a small slice!

bailey doing his favorite activity - rolling in sand. he loves it, so why not roll in sand on your birthday too?

the kids had fun making sand tunnels and water chutes and bailey kept them on their toes by forcing them to think of how to make it corgi - proof. this short legs mess up sand buildings quick!

bailey and I posing for a picture together. happy birthday bailey! heres to many many many more years together!