Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays + Secret Santa!

First of all, Bailey and I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. May it be full of love, family, friends and lots of fun too!

After eating breakfast this morning, I let Bailey open his gifts. Bailey gets really excited to open presents. He understands the contents are for him, and gets really excited.

Bailey and I participated in the Corgi with Blogs gift exchange this year, hosted by Kat over at Indignant Corgi. She graciously hosted this years exchange given Kelly (over at and the recent birth of her first baby Hadley.

I first let him open our Secret Santa present, which we received all the way from Nebraska!! I think we have corgi pals all over america, which is awesome!! We received our package from Angie and her tri colored fluffy corgi Charlotte (which Bailey has secretly told me he thinks she's really cute!) . You can visit their blog over here. Bailey received three loofa toys, three bully sticks, and Angie even thought of me! I received a "I love Bailey" corgi magnet, and some festive room spray! Nevertheless, we were really excited, and, are really thankful. Thanks Angie and Charlotte!

Video of Bailey opening his presents (please dont mind my sniffles - I woke up with some morning allergies):

 Here are some pictures of Bailey and his loot. :) Bailey had a bully stick right away for being a good boy.

Bailey being a good boy posing

The super cute magnet!

Bailey's the best present

I then let him open one of my presents for him, and boy did he love shredding the wrap:

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baileys first presents under his tree

theres something to be said for a dog who has more presents under the tree than his owner!!! (hint : rhymes with foiled) :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

we will be mailing out our secret santa package today. Have any reindeer?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 2011 Corgi Meetup

Hi Everyone. Wow! I am having a hard time keeping up with this blog. Bailey is keeping me on my toes! Anywhoo, this past weekend we had a blast at our corgi meetup. Bailey is turning into a bossier and bossier dog every second. What a brat. But he's too cute so he gets away with it.

We wanted to share a few photos with yall! Don't forget to read the captions. I had a chance to test out my new lens, the 55-300 on my nikon D3100. Good shots for a first shooting, but I'll get better at it! I would love to take some photography classes !

Buster wrestling with champ. these two were such good buddies at first sight. its great to see two corgis wrestling - it doesnt happen enough!

heres bailey getting his cheeks squeezed. hahaha and can you see baileys abnormally long tongue???

buster and champ, at it again!

usually the corgis just love to run after each other and try to herd but in particular day, all the corgis particpated in what we call hazing. every new corgi that showed up got a beating before they were a part of the meetup. bad dogs! thats bailey and jack on the right, in addition to buster and champ!

buster and champ, at it again!

group meetup photo minus two corgis who showed up later. :) were hoping for more! come and join us!

buster checking in on his dad

kiko and ringo looking for some loveee . look at those ears!

winston! He's a aussie/corgi mix. :) super cute

hazing ; look at the tri's eyes!!!

when one dog seeks shelter between someones legs... watch out! corgis are a tripping hazard!

ringo! he was the lone man who likes to munch on sticks, grass, whatever he can get his teeth on!
We'll be sure to share our xmas cards here before xmas! :) stay tuned