Tuesday, January 25, 2011

in my dreams

I have weird dreams. Last night, I dreamt that Bailey got a “flat paw”, like you know how cars get flat tires.. but bailey’s front right paw was flat. It was so strange. I found a puncture mark on one of his toepaods, and it turns out he “ran over” a nail! Then I bandaged it up in blue surgical tape and went into my linen closet to look for the cone of shame, which was also blue. Bailey didn’t put up much of a fight and I snapped the cone on and off he went. Then my dream ended.

Then I had another mini dream. Bailey was on his back in the garage and I was rubbing his tummy, then found some scabs and dry skin on his tummy area and wondered what it was. Our garage door was open a stranger lady walked by and I asked her what she thought it was and she said allergies to something and I was thinking… then our neighbor happened to be walking by and I asked him what he thought the scabs were and he thought they were allergies too but said I should take him to the vet.

That’s it. It’s kinda weird everything is open ended. I’m not sure why I dreamed the first dream except I know Bailey is super tired from all the events from this past weekend – but I know I was dreaming the second dream because Bailey has a big/deep chest and hes got a thick piece of tissue between his two front paws close to the ground and I was petting him and I was wondering the worst, you know (its not lumpy or anything, but is mushy). Does your corgi also have this “padding” in the lower chest area?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Party

Bailey celebrated his 3rd birthday this past weekend. We had some close family and friends gathered together at the beach (of all places in the winter) for a picnic. It was beautiful this past weekend, funny to say since most of the blog posts I've seen have been about snowy, cold weather. We never get any of that here, but it was surprising that we didn't get any rain - and theres also none of that in the forecast for the next 7 days.... go figure. I think we're jumping straight into spring!

So, we held our party at the dog friend Crissy Beach in San Francisco. Bailey and his bff Catch Baker held their party on the same day. Bailey is only two weeks older than Catch, and they are bothing turning 3 this year! So, it was a great opportunity to throw a joint party. After a busy morning prepping the last of the pupcakes, we headed out to pick up the cousins and headed to our picnic site. Bailey got to sit in the front seat (Which he hasnt been allowed in over a year) and had a blast.  We got a bunch of picnic type lunch food (bread, meats, cheeses, chips, potato salad, drinks), and bought a cake with Bailey's and Catch's picture on it. I baked some special pupcakes for the dogs in attendance (6 of them to be exact including Bailey!), and we ate cake. Then, we opened all his presents. We even received a gift from Uncle Parker and auntie Penelope in the mail!! :) Then, we headed down to the beach for some fun. Bailey loves the water. So did most of the other dogs. We were suprised that little Miette, the Papillon made it in the water too! By the time we left to go home, the sun was setting and we got some great pictures.

 Bailey helping me wrap up the rest of the goodie bags. We made homemade chexmix for the humans.

Bailey and I also baked homemade banana and peanut butter biscuits for the doggie bags. We didn't have any bone shaped cutters, so we did stars :) Let us know if you want the recipe!

Bailey wearing his birthday hat for the party. I be-dazzled Bailey and Catch's hats. They have sequins and a "I'm 3" logo and a feather on top!

 The Birthday boys!!!!!! Bailey turned 3 on Jan 21, and Catch will turn three on Feb 11!

 The birthday cake. Bailey and Catch were printed on sugar paper. Whipped cream with strawberry filing! This cake was for the humans, although little catch did manage to get a few licks of the frosting! :P

 When it came present time, Catch decided to run off and play with a stuffed raccoon bailey and i got him. He looked like he was having tons of fun :D

 Here are the dogs all mingling together. Everyone got along just fine! Summer, Riley, Bailey, Tanner and Catch! (left to right)

Birthday boys in their hats. They didn't last long on their heads. Bailey kept runnig under the picnic table and of course it would just knock right off

Bailey playing with a frisbee he got for his birthday 

 Bailey and I hanging out

 Bailey cutting the cake. :) i think its super cute. 

The pupcakes I baked for the dogs. They were made from carrots, bananas, wheat flour, honey and i basted them with chicken broth and topped them with light cream cheese.

Bailey eating his pupcake! Happy Birthday!!

Bailey and his stash of gifts. oh goodness. who's spoiled? Thanks to everyone for the goodies! Thanks to the cousins for the card - bailey LOVED the poem you wrote about him (cited below):

Bailey Bear by A.Z.

Beneath an apple tree
The dog ways its
Little stub tail,
Big wet tongue
Hanging out,
Panting, Exhausted,
Plops down
On the juicy green grass, 
Takes a sniff, 
Licks the grass
Chews, another
And another bite,

Goodies from Bailey's relatives Parker and Penelope!

 After the picnic, we went down to the beach and the dogs had a blast!

Bailey got to try out his chuck it surfboard he received for secret santa. He loved chasing it. He kept barking for me to throw it and oh... they can bark so loud for having such short legs.. haha :) I had to hide it so he would stop barking! 

Bailey chasing after the surboard in the water. The sun is setting :)

Bailey staring off into the distance 

Even the kids had fun in the water. Tanner kept a close eye on them!!

The scenery, such a gorgeous day

The party was great and Bailey thanks all those in attendance!!!! He and I truly appreciate all the folks that took time of their busy schedules to attend. I hope you guys enjoyed your goodie bags!

  Bailey got a bath when he came home and well, he was very tired he was snoring that night.


more photos can be found on Bailey's facebook page (see right sidebar), or our flickr set.

Also, check out all the videos we have on youtube too! (search Bailey the Corgi)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Bailey was born 3 years ago today! Happy Birthday to my little fuzzy munchkin! We're having a party for him this saturday, we'll be sure to blog about it!!!!!!! Here's a pic of the party hat I made for Bailey!

I'm 3!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

so how are they?

A couple of weeks ago, at the park, someone asked me “so how are they?” “they” being Pembroke welsh corgis. If it weren’t for my friend’s corgi (named Lumpia), I would’ve probably never owned a corgi to begin with. Maybe a shiba inu  or chocolate lab or even a orange tabby cat. I probably wouldn’t consider a shiba inu now just because I’m not attracted to their personalities even though . They seem to be timid, very independent dogs for the most part. I think I’ve only met one shiba that actually wanted to say hi to Bailey or play with him. Probably not a chocolate lab because I think the corgi size ~30 is perfect. Anything more or less seems to be a bit off – hahaa. And… and orange tabby cat. I still like cats, but if I ever got a cat, it would have to be super social. It’s a bit weird to have a cat that you only see for an hour a day.

Anyways, when I respond to the folks at the dog park.. I normally can cite a bunch of reasons why corgis the best, but I always find myself expressing how great their personalities are – such fun-loving, smart, curious and SO SO expressive. That’s what I love... the expressiveness- I melt every time I see a corgi smile. I also say how cheery, intelligent, how they have a perfect size, and their energy for life . A con for me is the shedding, but the PRO’s outweigh any thought of this con.

Just was thinking last night how much I love Bailey (and also how much I’ve spoiled him – and need to stop). He’s turning three in two weeks – we’re going to throw a big party – but – time flies so fast and I am sooooooooo soooooo glad he’s mine even though he likes to eat crap off the sidewalks!!!

The first day I met Bailey back in 2008, he looked like this (mind you I don't have humungous hands and he is nearly the size of my hand only!):

Now – he’s all grown up and I swear I see a bit of white coming in on the muzzle!!! We've kept his hotdog toy (dubbed Jorge - pronounced hor-hay). I bought this toy for bailey as a "present" when I went to visit him at 5 weeks old. I let him keep it until I came to pick him up at 8 weeks. Jorge came back with teared out eyes and his stomach ripped open (with help from bailey's littermates), but i managed to perform some magic surgery to bring him back to life. However, Bailey is not allowed to chew on him anymore. He's a household keepsake now. :)

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 2011!

2010 passed by way too fast. Crazy! Anywhoo, happy new year to everyone. Yesterday, Bailey and I attended our first corgi meetup of 2011. We had a great turnout. Enjoy the pics and video. Been a bit busy to post, but im sure you like looking at the pics more than reading my rambling :).

If you cant see the video, check it out at:

We had Mitts, Stubby, Bailey, Grey, Waffles, Faye, Neil?, a puppy, and Bella at our first meetup and it was a blast.

  Bailey and his playmates, running around at the park

Bailey and his off-again on-again girlfriend Bella

 Bailey's favorite beach activity

Bailey chasing the lab into the bay

admiring the view from the slab o concrete

At the corgimeetup! got all the corgis in one pic minus two

Admiring the GG Bridge from some rocks (well actually i think bailey was looking for some dead shell creatures to roll in...)

trotting on the beach. looks like a lifeguard!

More chasing on the beach, but once the toy goes into the bay, the dogs all wait along the shore for the lab to bring it back. it was hilarious. its like all the other dogs ran into a brick wall and only the lab was able to get through. :)