Tuesday, January 25, 2011

in my dreams

I have weird dreams. Last night, I dreamt that Bailey got a “flat paw”, like you know how cars get flat tires.. but bailey’s front right paw was flat. It was so strange. I found a puncture mark on one of his toepaods, and it turns out he “ran over” a nail! Then I bandaged it up in blue surgical tape and went into my linen closet to look for the cone of shame, which was also blue. Bailey didn’t put up much of a fight and I snapped the cone on and off he went. Then my dream ended.

Then I had another mini dream. Bailey was on his back in the garage and I was rubbing his tummy, then found some scabs and dry skin on his tummy area and wondered what it was. Our garage door was open a stranger lady walked by and I asked her what she thought it was and she said allergies to something and I was thinking… then our neighbor happened to be walking by and I asked him what he thought the scabs were and he thought they were allergies too but said I should take him to the vet.

That’s it. It’s kinda weird everything is open ended. I’m not sure why I dreamed the first dream except I know Bailey is super tired from all the events from this past weekend – but I know I was dreaming the second dream because Bailey has a big/deep chest and hes got a thick piece of tissue between his two front paws close to the ground and I was petting him and I was wondering the worst, you know (its not lumpy or anything, but is mushy). Does your corgi also have this “padding” in the lower chest area?


Laurie said...

Dreams are so weird sometimes! But at least it was just a dream. He's ok!! Give him a big hug :) Sadie has lots of padding on her neck lol. I think it's just her being a fatty tho.

Kelly said...

haha, too funny! I have the most random dreams too.. and sometimes I wake up and think they really happened!

Gibson has padding on his chest.. I think it's a corgi thing :)

Chelsea and Wilson said...

I think its a long and short dog thing cause my dachshund Wilson has that padding too.

Bailey Be Good! said...

My mommy wakes me up when I'm having bad dreams -- I never remember them! Woofs & hugs from one Bailey to another. :)