Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thank you!

Thank you to all who voted for my bailey bear in the corgibutts.com 2013 calendar contest. Bailey is a winner, and won a spot, representing August 2013! It's going to be such a beautiful calendar!

Now... maybe there will be a little celebration sometime this week! :P

Anyways, we haven't blogged in such a long time. Bailey's now 4 1/2. He is going to be 5 in January! Time flies. Just like having kids (not that I have any, but remember changing my young cousins diaper... and now shes getting ready to graduate high school next year!). Crazy.

Hope you all are enjoying the photos. I love taking photos and bailey loves to be in them. If I could get paid to take photos (and make a good living off of it), and bailey could get paid to be in them - well - we'd have our dream jobs. :) haha.

Within bailey's life so far.. we've gone through so many dog products and found the best ones via trial and error. Food. Leashes. Harnesses. Toys. Beds. Collars. Poop bagsand holders. Treats. baby gates. dog cake recipes. and Travel water bowls. One of these products is called the Water Rover. We can't live without it on our long walks or trips. Out of all the water bottles we've tried, this has held up the best. For one, its sturdy and doesn't leak. Also, any remaining water can drain back into the bottle for later. Also, its got a easy open/close hole and requires no squeezing or hand strength. Just open, tilt and let gravity do the work. It comes with a belt clip thing - but we never use it. It's compact enough and fits into my messenger bag. Also, another big plus is that its really easy to fill. Either unscrew to fill, or, fill via the hole where the water comes out (which is my preferred lazy but effective method). Check i tout. http://waterrover.com/ . We're not getting paid to review this. Just my own opinion. The medium one we purchased has lasted us over a year (the knobby thing JUST broke). So, we're going to get a new one - how exciting!

On that note, what is one doggy product that you tell everyone that they must get if they have a dog?