Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Corgis.... in books!

I thought I'd share with you a couple of my favorite corgi books. I had a gift card in my hands and I couldn't decide what I wanted. I bought these books and a corgi stamp (that i used in the card I made for Jenny & Bri - maybe they can share what that looks like because I can't seem to find it right now to take a picture of it). Anywhoo, I love corgi-related/themed items.. hmm I wonder why...

1. Corgis! by Colette Anjou/Evie Anderson

We bought this book maybe over a year ago, and I just crack up looking at the pictures. Everything is just so cutely illustrated. there is no storyline, but the pictures are just fabulous to admire! There are over 20+ drawings of corgis in various scenes, and my favorite happens to be this "Corgi Aerobics Class". I can't stop but chuckle at the little corgi in the bottom left hand corner munching on the cookie next to the stereo. How hilarious... I can imagine Bailey doing the same. I don't want to spoil the contents of this book, but its a must get for any corgi lover. Anywhoo I just looked it up on Amazon and they only have 1 left in stock!!!!!!!

see the little stinker with a cookie?

they ride horses!

see the poor little guy on the right with his butt in the air?

Very cute book. I will eventually buy more of Tasha's books but am waiting, since I don't have kids and well, theres really no one to read to? It's a great book otherwise, LOADED with corgis! Heres what reads on the inside flap:
"In Corgiville, as in many small towns all over America, the biggest event of the year is the fair. And the most exciting thing at the Corgiville Fair is the goat race. Caleb Corgi has spent months training his goat, Josephine, for hte big event. but Edgar Tomcat's goat is fast, too, and Caleb knows that Edgar is not above indulging in some dirty tricks in order to win. The sights, sounds, smells,a dn all the fun and excitement of a typical small-town fairare captured with humor and affection both in the text and in hte marvelously detailed watercolor paintings. Tasha Tudor, one of Amerca's most beloved author-artists, has here created her most original work, a masterpiece of gentle satire, a loving observation of a particular segment of rural American life couched in terms of a rollicking story and superb illustrations".

On a happy but unhappy note, I will be out of the country beginning this Saturday for three weeks for work, so I will miss you all! :) Bailey will be in great hands with his grandma (hahaha my mom gets mad when I say that ). Anyways, we will pick up blogging when I return in mid -October. Bailey will have a great time there, and yes, I have warned my mom that he better not be 10 pounds heavier when I get back!!! hahaahah

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bark in the Park 2010 - San Jose, CA

This post was written with love by one of Bailey's favorite cousins - 12 year old Anna,  through Bailey's eyes...

Today, my mom, and my three favorite cousins(the triple A's ), Catch, and Miette, and thier mom went to the Bark In The Park dog fest in San Jose. When we arrived after picking up my cousins early in the morning at 8 o clock, we found the best parking space ever-right in front of the park! It was still early when we got there so we sat inside the car and talked, listened to music, and took some pictures. Everytime we go out with my cousins I get to ride in their laps because my crate takes up too much space in the car. That was fine by me! I got a little impaient soon so we decided to just go in. It was $5 for each dog and free for humans. The entire fest was on grass. The weather wasn't hot or cold but the sky was cloudy. We visted many booths, like the one where they gave me a free dog toy! I loved it but was to excited to play with it at that moment. Every booth was intresting some with dog food, some with pupcakes(its what they call dog cupcakes), and did I mention there was this BIG bullystick that was only $8? Mom totally bought one. I thought that it was such a bargin, she should've bought MORE than one! Everyone was petting me and giving me treats,YUM! I saw about 5 corgis or more! Finally, Catch, Miette, and thier mom came.
We went on the free agility course for dogs. I think I did pretty well! Catch also went with her mommy. It was getting very warm after the obstacle course. After, we had to wait in this rediculously long line for getting you picture takin with your dog for FREE! It took forever! But when it was finally MY turn, I smiled my most adorable smile ever! We took another walk around and watched a dog herd some sheep and finally, it was lunch time! Catch's mom bought me a pupcake. It was so tasty! It was peanut butter with some carrots inside it. FABULOUS!! The humans had peanut butter and jelly sandwhich with a cookie and some popcorn for dessert. OH AND there was this tent that had water coming out of the roof and it made the entire tent mistly. EVERYONE loveeeed it. Except for ME, of course. I thought it was some bath thing but it was actually a cooling thing! We finally said bye to Catch, Miette and thier mom.

 I can do it, ma!! look at me!
See what I did!

The pupcake was sooo yummy!!!
Then we went back into the car and then drove to burlingame. We went to Pet Ffood Express- to have me take a bath (They have a in-store washhing center - and boy is is convenient!) . UGH ! First they put me into this tub thingy and clipped my collar onto the clippy thingy and then picked what shampoo they wanted to use on me. Then, they opened the hose thing and there was SOAPY water coming out. It was kinda cool but horrible at the same thing. So the soap comes out WITH the water, you get it? So my cousins started to lather the soap into my beautiful fur and then finally, rinse. Then, they made me stand on this platform after and clipped me onto this other clippy thingy.

There, they used this thing that looks like a hose but then when they turned it on, this cold air started to blast out at me! AHH!! I tried to run away from it but the clippy thing kept me there! My cousins took turns with the hose thingy while they also dried me up with some pink towel they gave us to use. Finallly, I was done. I have to amit, I SMELLED AWESOMEE!! All my cousins were talking about how fabulous I smelled, including mommy. Finally, we went to my couisns house. I have to wear boots in their house though, its the only bad thing about it. I'm so tired right now and my paws are getting tired. BYE! :D .
All done!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Paw it Forward

The expression "pay it forward" is used to describe the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid by having it done to others instead. :) We don't know how or where this started, but its making its way through all the corgi blogs! Essentially, the lucky recipient paws forward two packages to two lucky bloggers and their dogs, and they then in turn each paw forward two packages to other dog blog owners, and it goes on and on. Boy the post office is happy about this, eh!.:) Anyways, we were the lucky recipients of Karen & the B Boys Paw it Forward post last month, and well, Bailey had a blast opening it up and playing with his new toys. I probably picked a strange time of day to open the package (8am in the morning), but we were defintely too excited!! :)

Here's a video of Bailey opening the box and pulling all the stuff out. I found it hilarious he wanted to play with the newspaper. Bailey could get a full time job shredding paper if they hired folks like him. :D

Here's some other pictures of bailey and the package. He LOVED the cow, which he named Bubba. He's warming up to the rubber chicken (which is hilarious), and cant seem to get his mouth around the plastic balls. hahaha. He LOVES the peanut butter banana treats!

Here's Bailey sniffing the box:
Here's Bailey asking me to help him with the tape!

Here's Bailey digging through the newspaper!

Here's Bailey loving the card he received from the B boys and Karen! Bailey wanted to take a picture with them two!

Here's bailey staring at the chicken!

So!!! Now to the important stuff, Bailey and I would love to send two packages!! The first two people to post their e-mail address in our comments section in this post will receive a Paw It Forward package from Bailey and I. It will then be your obligation to keep with the program! :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bailey is Mr. May 2011

Thanks to everyone who voted for us. Bailey will be Mr. May 2011. Check out all the other beautifull winners here! We were so glad to see most of Bailey's blog buddies in the calendar!! Can't wait until we get to purchase them!!!

I thought it was also fantastic that Kelly is going to put the other 18 dogs in a 18 month calendar! :) FAAAANNNNTABULOUS!

p.s. Paw it Forward post is coming soon. Keep a lookout!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vote for Bailey!

Wow, i cannot believe it came out so quick! Kelly is amazing for sorting through 300 photos!!! :) Bailey made it twice on the finals list, and I hope you will vote for him. :)

All you have to do is either send an email to to ksteck23(at)gmail.com with the numbers above (15 & 17) to cast your vote, or leave a comment HERE  on her blog. Voting ends monday at midnight! It was such a tought cut to only vote for 12, and i had trouble doing so- but i casedted my cotes already in her comments section!!!

Thanks to Kelly for hosting the calendar contest!

Dog Days 2010

Bailey, me, Catch and his mom attended the annual Dog Days of Summer baseball game this weekend. The first time I took bailey was when he was 7 months old, where he just made the cut to attend. This year, it was our third time attending. We’ve decided to make it an annual tradition. Once a year, several Major League Baseball teams open up their ballparks for owners and their canine companions. We are fans of the San Francisco Giants.. and well… what’s better than combining two of your top favorite things – dogs and baseball. =) Also, al the proceeds to go benefit the SPCA. This year we had a GREAT experience. The weather was fabulous (sunny with a breeze). They had a great sponsor, Natural Balance, and everything went smoothly. The Giants won 9-7 beating the Arizona Diamondbacks.. and Bailey had a blast eating all the leftover hot dog buns in the bleachers.. oh… but what was NOT a blast was the liquidy poo that came out the other end…

We started off the day early, getting to the park to ensure we’d have a good parking spot (2 hours prior to game time). Luckily, in the city on Sundays, all metered zones are free. So, we were able to find a spot easily. Bailey and I walked around to ensure he pooped a couple of times before the parade started. Last year, Bailey pooped TWICE on the warning track during the pre-game parade.. and needless to say, I was VERY embarrassed!!!!! This year, I made sure to walk him around a bit before the parade. Natural Balance was setting up their tents before the game started, and well, they had plenty of goody bags to hand out!!!!!! They even had Tillman, the skateboarding dog, skateboard for the crowd, and even had special autograph signings (Steve Garvey!!! – ex dodgers player, but Catch’s mom was really really excited about him – we were the first in line!). Anywhoo, we lined up for the pregame parade, and ran into bailey’s ex girlfriend, Bella! (Bella is also a corgi … that kinda used to be Bailey’s girlfriend until they had a fight last year at the Dog Days and.. well.. they haven’t spoken since). Bella was quite quiet, and Bailey, for the most part, ignored her. I think theres still a chance.. but well see.!! Anywhoo, Bailey met Bella’s new friend? Tigger, whos a poodle mutt, and he’s just the cutest thing ever. We got a group picture waiting in line for the parade…

During the parade, Bailey had a blast sniffing everything.I was taking videos and pictures every 10 seconds!!! Hahaha. Bailey did not pee or poop!!! :D and… by the time we were at the end of the parade, he literally plopped down and layed there until I told him to get up. We then made it over to the park entrance, got another goody bag with a dog bowl, treats, reusable bag and bandana.. and bought some food and found our seats. There was a costume contest..which we missed while waiting in the concession line – but the winner won a years worth of food from Natural Balance … picture left is Bailey, Tigger and Bella.

So during the entire game, Bailey and his buddy Catch were just sniffing for treats, resting, or trying to get camera time. The cameraman passed by our section 11425115 times, but never chose to shoot his camera in our direction. We were quite frustrated!!! We even asked one time.. and well.. he nodded but then lied to us! Oh wells. We had no home run balls come our way – which I was of course happy about.. because.. well.. can you imagine?!?! Haha. They also did a good job of spacing us out so we weren’t sitting on top of each other. Overall a fantastic experience!! I can’t wait until next year!!!!

Here's one of the many videos I took -

Take a look at more pictures below:

Bailey and Catch getting a sip or a dip in the water bowls to cool down

Bailey and Catch trying to make it into the visitors dugout... unsure why!

Bailey all tired from parading around the warning track... collapsed at the end!

Bailey waiting patiently at the concession stand:

Bailey let me know he was happy about where he was sitting:

Catch enjoying the view

They would'nt let him in anyways.. haha

he is 35 lbs. can you tell?!?! haha