Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bark in the Park 2010 - San Jose, CA

This post was written with love by one of Bailey's favorite cousins - 12 year old Anna,  through Bailey's eyes...

Today, my mom, and my three favorite cousins(the triple A's ), Catch, and Miette, and thier mom went to the Bark In The Park dog fest in San Jose. When we arrived after picking up my cousins early in the morning at 8 o clock, we found the best parking space ever-right in front of the park! It was still early when we got there so we sat inside the car and talked, listened to music, and took some pictures. Everytime we go out with my cousins I get to ride in their laps because my crate takes up too much space in the car. That was fine by me! I got a little impaient soon so we decided to just go in. It was $5 for each dog and free for humans. The entire fest was on grass. The weather wasn't hot or cold but the sky was cloudy. We visted many booths, like the one where they gave me a free dog toy! I loved it but was to excited to play with it at that moment. Every booth was intresting some with dog food, some with pupcakes(its what they call dog cupcakes), and did I mention there was this BIG bullystick that was only $8? Mom totally bought one. I thought that it was such a bargin, she should've bought MORE than one! Everyone was petting me and giving me treats,YUM! I saw about 5 corgis or more! Finally, Catch, Miette, and thier mom came.
We went on the free agility course for dogs. I think I did pretty well! Catch also went with her mommy. It was getting very warm after the obstacle course. After, we had to wait in this rediculously long line for getting you picture takin with your dog for FREE! It took forever! But when it was finally MY turn, I smiled my most adorable smile ever! We took another walk around and watched a dog herd some sheep and finally, it was lunch time! Catch's mom bought me a pupcake. It was so tasty! It was peanut butter with some carrots inside it. FABULOUS!! The humans had peanut butter and jelly sandwhich with a cookie and some popcorn for dessert. OH AND there was this tent that had water coming out of the roof and it made the entire tent mistly. EVERYONE loveeeed it. Except for ME, of course. I thought it was some bath thing but it was actually a cooling thing! We finally said bye to Catch, Miette and thier mom.

 I can do it, ma!! look at me!
See what I did!

The pupcake was sooo yummy!!!
Then we went back into the car and then drove to burlingame. We went to Pet Ffood Express- to have me take a bath (They have a in-store washhing center - and boy is is convenient!) . UGH ! First they put me into this tub thingy and clipped my collar onto the clippy thingy and then picked what shampoo they wanted to use on me. Then, they opened the hose thing and there was SOAPY water coming out. It was kinda cool but horrible at the same thing. So the soap comes out WITH the water, you get it? So my cousins started to lather the soap into my beautiful fur and then finally, rinse. Then, they made me stand on this platform after and clipped me onto this other clippy thingy.

There, they used this thing that looks like a hose but then when they turned it on, this cold air started to blast out at me! AHH!! I tried to run away from it but the clippy thing kept me there! My cousins took turns with the hose thingy while they also dried me up with some pink towel they gave us to use. Finallly, I was done. I have to amit, I SMELLED AWESOMEE!! All my cousins were talking about how fabulous I smelled, including mommy. Finally, we went to my couisns house. I have to wear boots in their house though, its the only bad thing about it. I'm so tired right now and my paws are getting tired. BYE! :D .
All done!


purplexllamas said...

Like like like like like like like!

Karen said...

how cute :)

sounds like you had alot of fun with your mommy and cousins

That corgi :) said...

very nicely written by your guest blogger for the day! I enjoyed reading about the wonderful day Bailey had; it sounded like a lot of fun! I bet those pupcakes were good indeed!


Bailey's Adventures said...

sounds like a fun time...and I love how cute Bailey is in all thos pics...he is always so fashion forward :-) love his little bandana :-)

Kelly said...

hehe Bailey is the cutest!!

Jenny said...

Wow Bailey, looks like you had a lot of fun! Those pupcakes sure look delicious! And you look very clean and handsome after your awesome bath.

Laurie said...

So cute! You get some great pics of Bailey :)

Karen and Bailey said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments!