Friday, June 4, 2010

Back together again.... At last

bailey and i are back together again.. At least for a couple of days. Ill be leaving again sunday. I think this will go on till bout the third week of june. When im away, work keeps me so busy so im not lonely and thinking of bailey. But i think about him everyday nonetheless even if its for a second. I was getting ready to leave the office one day and guess what i saw on my chair?!? It was a fiber of baileys hair! Lol. So. Technically bbears has visited texaas now... Since im sure dna counts more than.... Pee... Hahh anyways so when i picked bbear up today at my moms, of course bbear was wagging his entire body. I decided that id take him on anice long walk rather than go to the dog park because i really just wanted bailey and me time. My mom lives two blocks from golden gate park. So naturally, we walk there. We saw another dog and bbear went just about bonkers and tried to play. Hhha (mind you he hasnt seen another four legged animal in a week - i think). Anyways we walked... For an hour. Along the beach, through the park and we went exploring. We went by the historical windmills and the flower garden. If u have facebook, go check out the pics on bbeara facebook page (bailey bear) . Im writing this entry via text msg so i wont be able to upload much i dont think. Anywhooooo i really really enjoyed my walk with bbear but then i had to give him a bath and i swear he was mumbling about how i am such a mean mom,etc. Errrr!! Well everyone have a awesome weekend and give ur pups an extra xoxo from me and bbear when u head out the door!


That corgi :) said...

sounds like a great walk you guys did! I'm hopeful that got energy off Bailey and he is sleeping contently and peacefully by your side. Too cute that a bit of him went with you on your travels :)

enjoy the weekend


Kelly said...

haha, too funny about finding his hair! I find Gibson hairs at work too :) And I used to find my parent's black lab's hair at my husband's (then boyfriend's) apartment over and hour and a half away! lol

Glad you guys were reunited, at least for a little while!

Bri said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I'm so happy you guys are untid again! I bet Bailey is the happiest little corgi right now!