Monday, May 31, 2010

Mommy... I dont want you to go to texas.

it was sad leaving my fuzzy bear at my moms house this morning and i will miss him much this week!! Poor thing tried to follow me out the door annd i had to tell him to stay. on a happier note. For the three days i was home, we did spend los of quality time together. Bailey eve enjoyed the nice weekend riding passenger seat in the car with his head out the window. The weather was so awesome.... have a great week everyone! Happy Memorial Day.


That corgi :) said...

hoping it is a short trip for you; its like leaving a child; they grow on our hearts so much! glad you did enjoy the 3-day weekend together and glad Bailey doesn't have to be put in the kennel when you travel

safe travels!


Karen said...

poor bailey will miss his mommy. i hope you trip goes well.

to bailey: dont worry your mommy will be home in no time i hope your grandma spoils you i know butterball gets sppiled by his.

-karen and butterball

Karen and Bailey said...

thanks you guys! i miss him so much...

yes oh my goodness i think hes gained like a pound when i pick him up from my moms. he gets table scraps, but im specific about him only getting broccoli, carrots or plain chicken with no skin. hahaaha:)

Bri said...

awww...poor bailey! i dont know how you do it, i dont know if i could ever leave sammy for an extended period!