Thursday, May 27, 2010


I arrived back in San Francisco last night. One more day of work then.... I get to spend some days with my fuzzy boy and then am hopping back on a plane to Texas on Monday afternoon (there goes half my holiday..). Anywhoo, I went to pick up bailey last night and boy was he excited to see his momma. Bailey is not a very affecionate dog. He is very independent, likes his space, and thinks he can do everything on his own (more on that later). Yesterday, however, he smelled my butt to make sure it was me, and boy did he do some dancing.... and.. he did someting he never does to me... he gave me kisses! I swear i could've started crying. hahahah :) He hardly ever licks my face. never. but i did get some kisses and i didn't care where his mouth had been.. i missed him so much. :) It didn't help that Continental was showing Dogs 101 on the overhead TV's on my flight back... ERR... but, I am sure going to spend as much time with him as I can this weekend before I head off again.

Oh. So i mentioned earlier, bailey likes to think he can do just about anything. like mountain climbing. I just remembered a few weeks ago, taking bailey to the park and he was trying to get up some rock/hard sand edge to get up to where some other dogs were playing. Well, the ledge was just a bit too tall for bailey and he got stuck. he was halfway up but couldnt reach the top. he was wiggling and trying and the poor thing couldnt make it up, he evenutally rolled back down and i could see the embarassment on his face. He could've easily walked a few feet south and take a shorter route, but well, my bailey is one BRAVE, COURAGEOUS dog. He thinks hes some sorta superman. Well he is kinda but not the kind that can fly. hahah

Have a great weekend everyone!


That corgi :) said...

welcome back! glad Bailey was eager to see you! they do miss their "moms" indeed! hoping you enjoy your time with Bailey before your next adventure out of town


Karen said...

poor bailey missed you so much.

i hate leaving butterball when i leave i wish i could take him everywhere with me.

it shows how much he missed you when he greeted you :D