Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June, Pills & Socks

Wow. The month of june has passed by so quickly. I love the long summer days and am amazed every night that the sun does not set until close to 9, and the natural light coming through the windows wakes me up in the morning rather than some noisy alarm clock (well, most of the time).

Bailey and I haven't had many adventures thus far in June, primarily since I've been spending time out of town for work. Now that I'm back for good (I think), I'm thinking of what we should do. Perhaps a road trip... or a visit to a place that is new... we'll see.

Bailey gets a heartworm/flea pill once a month, but he's too smart to take it easily. I've tried wrapping it in a pill pocket treat (he'll just chew up the treat and swallow, and spit the pill out. I've also tried "hiding" it in his kibble (he'll just eat around it and leave only the pill behind). I've tried "sneaking" it in his mouth  by bombarding him with yummy treats that i know hed swallow and not chew (but the texture of the pill sets off flashing red alarms in his mouth). I've resorted to holding him down, putting the pill way far back in his mouth and holding his muzzle shut until he swallows... Sounds aggressive but that's the only way he'll take it. Even when I do this, he tries to keep his mouth shut so I can't pry it open to stick the pill in. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to make this process a bit more pleasant for both him and I..... has anyone ever crushed a pill and mixed it up in something??!?!!?

Here's a random question - what is the silliest corgi-themed merchandise you own or thought of buying? I recently received some uber-cool corgi socks (kinda like the ones pictured on the left) for my birthday from a coworker (thanks Faith!!!).. :D..... I just go about crazy when I see anything with a corgi on it.... :). I'm sure they probably make Corgi-themed oven mitts, shower curtains, ties and maybe even underwear.. who knows!


Kelly said...

Those socks are awesome!! haha. I can't think of anything silly I own right now.. hmm.

Gibson gets Heartgard Plus for heartworms and K9 Advantix for fleas/ticks. He LOVES the Heartgard. It's like a chewy meaty flavored treat. I'll give it to him as a reward for letting me put the Advantix on his back :) Works out pretty well. When I do have to give Gibson a pill though, he'll get them 'wrapped' in a scoop of peanut butter. Works every time :)

Laurie said...

Love those socks!!! So cute. I don't have anything really silly, I don't think...I have a keychain, a picture frame, and a little corgi statuette. It's rare I find corgi stuff in Sadie's coloring, so I don't have too much!! But I love it all! :)

Can't help with the pill thing really...Sadie eats her heartworm pill like it's a treat. When she had to take antibiotics when she was bit at the dog park, that was a little trickier though. I think I just put it in peanut butter, cause she can't resist the peanut butter!!!

Laurie said...

BTW love that pic of Bailey!! So cute. Look at those little legs!!!

That corgi :) said...

Bailey is too cute! glad you are in town for a bit and able to spend time with him. I don't have a lot of corgi stuff, I think my silliest one was a corgi key chain I bought last summer

Koda used to love his heartworm pill he got when we lived in Montana because it was chewy like the one Kelly described. This one is like taking a Motrin, hard. Whenever we have to give him any medicine, I get a piece of bagel, stuff the pill inside and slather the whole thing with cream cheese which he loves. He gobbles that up and doesn't even realize there's a pill in there