Wednesday, June 23, 2010

bailey: i have a job!

It’s summer, and Bailey is the equivalent of a teenager…. Lets see…. 2.5 dog years equates to about 14-15 years old eh? So, it’s time for my booger to find a job to support his mom!... hahaahahah ok ok ok… not what you think.. but…. It all started this past weekend.

Bailey’s been very proud of himself since this past Sunday, when he landed a new job that he’s very excited about. He’s earned and has taken over the title of Frisbee Transportation Manager, a title I used to hold but something I’m glad to have passed on. J It all started last Sunday, while we were playing fetch up atop the sand dunes by at Fort Funston, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Bailey was so so happy and went about hysterical when I’d go to pick up the frisbee. When our fetch session was over, I threw the frisbee one last time and he went to get it, I got up, and while he was running back, I said the usual “bring it here” but kept walking. He followed, with the frisbee in his mouth, and didn’t drop it at all! So I was thinking… how cute is that?? So I praised him a bunch and we continued walking the path to the parking lot. Bailey dropped it several times (he was trying to multi-task but found it hard to stick his long tongue out and hold the frisbee and pant all at the same time), but as soon as I’d point to the frisbee and say “get it!”, he’d pick it up on the very edge (like he didn’t want to touch the dirt that was caked onto it), and continue his trot up to the parking lot. It was such a cute sight to see. Bailey looked SO proud of himself for having this job to do….. too cute! I can’t help but smile when I see him trotting with the frisbee in his mouth.

To ensure that he didn’t think of this stint as a temporary summer-sorta job, I took the frisbee to the dog park yesterday and he did the same thing – carry it all the way to the car! J I think someone deserves a raise (treats) here! He also seems pretty happy to have me as a boss. :D

Also, thanks to everyone for the pill suggestions. I think I will try the peanut butter trick next time…… and get it on video!

And, to update, here’s a picture of me wearing the corgi socks I was blogging about in my last post!


That corgi :) said...

those corgi socks are so cute!! love Bailey's job!! he looks so cute doing it too!!!

Koda's job is guarding the backyard, LOL (and driving me nuts about it :)


Kelly said...

That is adorable!! My parent's lab does the same thing w/tennis balls. She always has one in her mouth! :)

Lindsey said...

So cute! Jasper always does this on walks too! It really makes him feel like he is doing a job! He likes to find a stick a carry it for the entire walk. He will put it down at poop & stuff, but always keep carrying it. Cute socks too!