Sunday, June 27, 2010

my little trooper

Bailey and i had an awesome weekend, and i hope you all did too! I feel very fortunate to live in such dog friendly city. There are so many places, ESPECIALLY parks that i can take bbear too. This past weekend i decided to explore a bit and take him to a new park, JOhn Mclaren Park to be exact. Its the second largest park in san francisco outside of Golden Gate Park. BUT unlike GGP, Mclaren Park is located in a hilly park of SF and off-leash friendly!!!... Which means we got to hike a bit and run around!!!! Bailey and i went with one of my frieds, Vivian. We parked in a lot atop a hill and started on our adventure. One of the cool things about this place is that theres a manmade sorta pond that the dogs swim in. Boy... Wheb bbear saw that.... He darted straight out into the pool. I get a bit weary because im not such a great swimmer myself that if i had to go in after him.... It might not be a pretty sight... Soooo i made myself a mental note to bring baileys life vest next time. He has this thing about swimmng after ducks. Boy does it look cute... But it gets my blood pressure to rise and i sorta mini panic... But bbears goood about returning to shore when i call him. Thank goodness!!!! Sooo after we made a couple loops around this pond and bbear got a few swims in,we finally found our bearing and started on our lil hike through the park...... Down some trails... Around a playground... Over a road and some bridges... Pass tthe potties... Past a ampitheatre which i thought was pretty cool! We then let bailey swim a bit more... Chase some dogs... Then back to the car we went.

there was, however, some drama and scariness at the park though. On our way back and past the potties, bbear saw a dog in frnt of the womens restroom. Bailey.. Being his natural happy go lucky playful self decied to dart past the dog to initiate play... But the dog didnt want to.. Well ten bailey decided to go check n see wht was goin on in the bathroom.... Big mistake. The dog attacked bailey and al i heard was screaming. The owner got their dog off bailey and said that it appeared she tried to guard the bathroom and asked if bailey was ok. Now..... what if i was walking into the bathroom instead of bailey... and the dog tried to attack me... oh geez...... THANK GOODNESS bailey was alright... there was plenty of saliva around his throat.. but he ran off like a little trooper and didnt even want me to look at it. He was a bit squeamish after that.. and didnt approach dogs, but we went to the dog park today (twice!!!), and he was fine, but did come to me for security when a chow chow tried to munch his nub off...... but he's such a brave little soul. i love that about him. :)

anyways take a look at some pictures i got while we were there.

 heres a picof bailey staring at the duck and her ducklings in the dirty pond. This is not the pond bailey went swimming in and i was quick to put him on leash so he didn't even think about it.... hahaha.... the other pond was much cleaner and had gates all around it to prevent the ducks from hanging out... and of course i didnt get any pictures because i was too busy keeping my tabs on him to make sure he didint venture too far.

Heres's a picture of bailey after his swim at the clean pond. we saw this really neat looking rock, and told bailey to stand uptop it. I use the keyword "chicken" to get bailey to look at the camera.. and snap snap snap.. we get wonderful pictures like this. And.. he does get some chicken afterwards :)

 And here's a picture of bailey zipping down the trail because he sees the big pool of clean water over to the left. looks like a wild bunny from the back. :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend too... now back to work for the week, and im hoping to continue my video fridays and regular blog posting again... :)


That corgi :) said...

how scary when Bailey got attacked by that other dog! glad he didn't get seriously hurt but I know you were worried about it just the same! otherwise, it looked like you two had a great time together today!


Kelly said...

Aww I'm glad Bailey is ok! Dog attacks are always scary..

Laurie said...

Glad Bailey is ok!! That is scary. Sadie was attacked at the dog park, and it was the worst experience ever.

Karen said...

awww pooor bailey im glad nothing serious happened to him and im also glad that attack didnt shake him up....

i love how you have so many great places to take its very limited unless we want to go on a three mile hike and butters didnt last on that one before, i ended up carrying him down the mountail for three miles hahaha

Karen and Bailey said...

yea it was very scary but im glad baileys ok.. thanks for the comments!

Bri said...

oh my gosh! love it and i am sooooo jealous. omaha is just starting to get a little dog friendly! i am dying to take sammy somewhere where i can take him swimming and have it nice and clean and i would even like to swim with him! dog attacks are so scary. i always get panicky and never really know how to handle it. sammy really clings on to them, too. a poodle snapped at him one time at the dog park and now he avoids all poodles if he is able to! luckily he gets along with almost every dog!
your stories always make me want to grab sammy and hit the road for sf!