Saturday, June 12, 2010

My sunshine

hi everyone!!!! :) its really really warm in san francisco this weekend... Such perfect weather to spend time outdoors with my best friend. every second saturday, bailey and i make the trip to crissy beach then to the corgi meetup. Today was special though.. I hadnt seen bailey in a week and we only havve weekends together until..... The end of next week!!! :) soooooo bailey was sooooo happy to be able to splish splash in the deep puddles. We also played fetch and he swam a bit. I felt happy that he was so happy runningg free... Rolling in the sand... And just enjoying the cooler air along the bay. We then took a walk on the trail (which is where we took this picture) and he dried of a bit and we found a nice quiet spot to enjoy the view and lay in the sun. Bailey was too tired to dig a hole and instead just plopped down and watched passerbys. we then made it over to the corg meetup and omg it mustve jumped 10 degrees inland because none of the corgis or their people left the shade. We were so happy to see all of baileys buddies including benzo, who we hadnt seen since bbear was a pup. We also met two new corgi pups today (peaches and soren)b.... They were sooooooo cute!! Such big paws.. I miss the puppy days. Bailey acted as the dog prk sheriff and barked whenever two of the younger ones were playing ( esp nick and teddy) hha. I didnt coount the corgs but there were plenty today! If i remember correctly, in attendance today was: bbear, benzo, queenie, kiko, waffles, mona lisa, nicholas, teddy, miso, ringo, peaches and soren. Fabulous corgi meetup!!! It was too hot and i couldnt function enough to take pictures hhaaa. Sorry! as i type, bailey is napping away. My mom doesnt take him to the dog park when shes watchin over her grandfurryson, so bbear loses a bit of his athleticness haha .. Almost like hes been on vvacation for a week. well! Tommorrow is my 26th birthday. Wish i could take bailey to dinner with me!


That corgi :) said...

happy birthday Karen! I hope you have a nice day tomorrow! glad you got to spend some time with Bailey this weekend doing fun events that he and you enjoy!! I know, corgis seem to melt in the heat, don't they?


Karen said...

im sorry that you cant bring bailey with you :( you both miss each other very much when your away. i hope his grandma spoils him when your away hehe :)