Saturday, April 17, 2010

BBQ with the waste-not boogie monster

What a nice sunny weekend we're having over here in the west coast! We have the strangest weather patterns. A few days of sunshine, a few days of gloomy rain, then a few days of hotness then a few days of thunderstorms. My allergies are going haywire as we speak, and you will have to pardon my spelling mistakes made from SNEEZING while typing.

On this gorgeous sunny saturday, Bailey and I threw a BBQ lunch for one of my close friends. The highlight of bailey's day of course was being allowed to eat half a hotdog. :) I later gave him half a banana to eat in case that hotdog caused the runs, but im glad to say it hasn't. Everything is good and solid! ;). On the other hand, Bailey has this habit of walking by the grill ... a little to close for my comfort, and i bet you he knows it. He likes to play with my blood pressure.... I wonder if our dogs can tell if our heart is in distress?!!? Maybe not because Bailey has caused my blood pressure to rise in many occasions at the dog park and even in the car. He accidentally shifted the car into neutral once and thank goodness we were on a 35mph road and not the FREEWAY - and since then he hasn't been allowed to ride in the passenger seat....

Thinking about BBQing made me think of a funny (not so funny then) moment we had awhile ago. This was when Bailey was still allowed to sit in the front passenger seat of my car, and another reason he doesn't anymore. I bought a hot dog/soda from a store and decided to eat the hot dog in my car. Bailey was in the passenger seat awaiting my return, and noticed this scrumptious hot dog in my hand. I almost always give Bailey some of whatever I am eating (unless its toxic to dogs like onions), and this time was no different. I ate most of the hot dog and gave him a little dog and bun, and wrapped up the remainder of the bun (about half the bun was left - I'm not much of a bun eater). I left the remaining bun wrapped in foil in the cup holder adjacent to the soda cup, and thought - ill just dump that the next time I see a trash can. Anyways, we drove about 2 blocks to the gas station. I got out to get gas, and when i got to sit back in the car, bailey had already had the piece of foil on the passenger seat, unrolled, BUN AND ALL HAD BEEN EATEN, and i was furious. not sure why, except i was worried his tummy would be upset. .... haha but now i look back and i think its the funniest thing ever. At the time, Bailey was probably thinking "what is she thinking leaving that with me alone in this car..."?!?!?. hah. and you know that look they give you when they know they've done something wrong... like "what are you looking at me for like that?, look". hahah.

As I am sitting here blogging this entry, Bailey is under my bed, RELAXING. It reminds me that 1. I need to dust down there because i am highly allergic to dust mites... and 2. why is he down there?!?.. bailey does this every night. He doesn't stay there the whole night, but I think he goes down there to escape the heat, it must be cooler against the hardwood floor, since the rest of the room is covered by a rug. By midnight, bailey moves to his crate for the remainder of the time until we wake up. He's no boogie monster even if he tries to be. :) makes me smile everytime.

Have a great sunday everyone, and never leave your hot dog buns unattended!

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