Tuesday, April 6, 2010

going bananas for bananas

Bailey actually really likes fruit. I occasionally will give him bananas if he seems to have the runs (works wonders!), or apples, pears.. anything really. Just no seeds, no grapes, no pits, etc. Anywhoo, this past halloween I decided that Bailey would be a Banana! This decision was made after a visit to the local Target store (yes very original, eh?). Well anyways! He made for a really cute banana.My original plan included for me to dress up as a gorilla, but that never panned out... hehee. Our local Petsmart store holds a costume contest each year.. winner gets some sort of gift card.

Patty moved in as a roomate earlier in the month, and I remember she skipped the gym after work just to see Bailey compete in the costume contest (yes, patty - bailey and i still remember!!). We decided to go for fun, dressed bailey up and headed down to the store. Of course, there was a boatload of other people there, but i was glad to see that Bailey was the only banana. Votes were casted based on applause, while we walked down an aisle like as if it were a runway. That's when bailey turned on his charm!. All in all, Bailey made it to the top 10, top 5 then top 3, where he won 3rd place! A $5 gift card to spend on whatever he wanted. =D we were so proud of him! Now if only i dressed up as that gorilla.. we'd be sure to win 1st place!


Laurie said...

Sadie was a banana this year, too!!!


Karen and Bailey said...