Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Checkup

Hey everyone!!! What a nice sunny day it has been so far. Bailey and I woke up wee early this morning.. sometime before 8am, and we ate breakfast and then headed out for his annual checkup at the SF SPCA. Bailey hasn't been to the doc in over 2 years... and i just wanted to make sure everything looked ok. and it did!. This vet hostpial was on the second floor of a two story building that was newly built in 2008. Boy was it a nice facility... and I believe this was the first time that bailey's been on an elevator, and he was a trooper. Anywhoo, when we finally made it off the elevator (and me trying to prevent bailey from peeing anywhere), we sat down and While filling out some paperwork in the waiting room, we spotted a book with... a corgi on it (with the most cute orange bib ever!).. hahahaha

I didn't have much time to read the contents, but it went into what dogs used to eat, and whether or not there was a difference in the life span of a dog that was fed commercial pet food vs. something else. I didn't get very far on that... while trying to read and control bailey at the same time. He was a nervous wreck pacing back and forth, pulling me to no-where land and wanting to sniff everything and meet everyone. We waited a bit longer than we had hoped for. our appointment was at 9:20, but we didnt get to see the doctor until about 9:45. Anywhoo, when we finally made it in bailey had his vital signs checked - normal temp, 36 lbs. The doc feltALL over and checked his teeth, ears and checked for fleas and asked a list of questions to make sure i was on the right track (heartworm, flea meds, food, behavior changes, etc). We really liked her, so maybe we've found ourselves a vet for life. :)

After doing that, we stopped by the pet store to pick up some treats, went to the dog park, and were back home resting the afternoon away.

Oh and i had to give bailey his heartworm pill this morning. I attempted to wrap it in some jerky but hes too smart. thatll have to be a separate dog post sometime in the future. haha

This will be my last blog post until at least next Thursday. I'm heading out of town for work, and bailey's gramma (my mom) will be dogsitting, and unfortunately, she doesn't know how to operate a computer. lol. so i hope to have some stories when i get back to share with you all.... and until then..!!

Have a great week!


Lindsey said...

How awesome that Bailey hasn't had to go to the Vet in two years!!! I bet Bailey will miss you bunches while you are gone!

That corgi :) said...

I don't feel bad now that Koda weighs 36.4 pounds the last time he saw the vet, but 34 pounds now since he was boarded for week.

glad Bailey had a great checkup!

enjoy your time gone! I know Bailey and you will miss each other but it sounds like he is in good hands!


Bailey's Adventures said...

Glad Bailey got a clean bill of health from the vet :-)
Have a safe trip. I am sure you will miss Bailey and he will miss you as well.
We are going to Las Vegas for four days in June, and Bails is going to stay with my sister in law...I can't even imagine how much I am going to miss her :-)