Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Well well well!!!! It's nice to have a holiday day off from work. Bailey and I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! Bailey and I spent the holiday a bit further inland from home, where it was 94 degrees...... HOT. It's quite strange, but it can vary 20+ degrees within a matter of 30 miles here on the west coast, especially here in the bay area.... ohhhhhhhh it was so nice and cool when we finally arrived home to the fog. :) I shouldn't complain too much because we do not really experience any sort of humidity on top of that 94.... which is what I remember as my least favorite memory from visiting Texas. Anywhoo, we attended a BBQ that my coworker organized, and bailey was fed a bunch of chicken and hot dog scraps.In attendance were three of Bailey's dog friends (Catch, Summer and Miette - of course i forgot to get a picture!! - blame it on the HEAT!!)  Also, I had purchased a red and white bandana for bailey for the BBQ but totally forgot to bring it with me.. BAHHH!!! Also,  Bailey also decided to be a cow for a few minutes and eat a whole bunch of grass. Well, this morning, the grass came out one end and the scraps blurted out the other. enough said, eh? hahahhaha

We didn't stay around at night to watch the fireworks, since the heat was getting to me a bit much, and bailey pretty much looked tired. Instead, we (me, my three little cousins and bailey) decided to head back to the city and enjoy the rest of the day watching TV and laying around doing a bunch of nothing. He slept on his cousins' laps (alternating on eat one) in the backseat the entire way home. He was such a cute sleeper the entire way, and collapsed on the garage floor when we arrived back. What a little trooper..

Bailey's truly developing that bossy corgi personality that I hear about a lot (and have not had a chance to experience much... but now it seems like a regular occurence every since... well since hes turned 2.). Perhaps the terrible two's also exist in the canine world. hah First of all, Bailey needs to be #1 always. If were hiking with other dogs or people, he has to be in front of everyone. You shall never dare to pass him on wheels or by foot, because he WILL beat you. Secondly, Bailey wants always to be the only one to be fed by his family (me and my cousins in particular). If he sees me or them feeding treats to any other dog, he makes it well known that he does not like it (barking and growling incessantly until the other dog leaves or until i tell him to shush it). Third, Bailey does not like me to hold any other dog (particularly my coworkers papillon Miette).... and its because he knows I've fed Miette treats before. That's a no-no in Bailey's books. Also, Bailey has a thing about barking at random dogs at the dog park now (especially this big black German shepherd because the dog looks like the dog that attacked him last week), and he wants to get into everyone's business. If your fetching, bailey has got to pretend that hes going to hunt you (not the ball) down - herding instinct multiplied by 1000. All this makes me wonder if I can EVER get him a sibling and have them coexist peacefully (an alpha female perhaps?!?!). you guys have any tips for me? I did try to break a bit yesterday and praised him when I was feeding other dogs and he wasn't barking - but . Baileys also gotten a LOT more vocal this year. He barks at everything.... sometimes i don't mind and sometimes it scares the begeezes out of me.!!!!

Fireworks - Bailey was trying to be bossy (or nervous??) and woofed up a storm for the first few kabooms, but then after they didn't stop.... bailey hid behind the sofa for a bit and then had enough courage to come sit next to me while i petted him. Then, he discovered that it felt safer under my bed, and he stayed there the rest of the night, but as always, he always magically appears in his crate in the morning. I wonder why he just didn't start out there.. seems a bit unnecessary to me. haha oh wells!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Bailey is currently taking a nap and dreaming of chicken bits and hot dogs....

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That corgi :) said...

I'm betting Bailey had a bit of a tummy ache and that is why he was chomping on grass, Koda does the same when he is not feeling well. You are absolutely right how it can be soooooo cool by the water and you go inland 30-45 minutes and you are sweltering (we are inland sweltering while the beach is cool, but lately we have had nice weather for which I'm grateful before the summer heat comes on). I think our corgis melt when it is above 75 degrees.

No clue on how to help you with Bailey's behaviors. Koda does not like other dogs, barks at other dogs, will go for other dogs (he's always on leash and we cross the street or park to avoid other dogs). He can be vocal for those things that bother him, diesel trucks, trash trucks, motorcycles, creatures in his backyard.

cute pictures of Bailey :)

Koda wasn't fond of the fireworks either :(