Monday, November 8, 2010

Beach Fun

Last week, Bailey and I made the most out of our dog park and the beach. Well, thats because with the new daylight savings time change this weekend, the sun will be setting 1 hour earlier than normal, and, well, by the time I get home from work, it'll be dark. It's quite depressing. And, what's even more depressing is that in our area, it was warmer than normal all week - with some cities even breaking high record temperatures (it hit 80 degrees and well, we're in November!!)!!! So, Bailey and I headed out to the park at least 5 times, and of those 5, headed down to the beach 3 times. Oh, and Bailey celebrated that all with a well needed bath yesterday.

When we go to our dog park (Fort Funston), we know we are very lucky to have a place like this. It's hugggeeeeeeee, offleash, and has beach access down a cliff. Bailey LOVES the water, so he goes right in, and the tide has been good to us this week. Everytime we went, it was low lying and came in pretty gently, so it was almost like a huge puddle for all the dogs. Bailey loved it. Of course, I only remembered my camera twice!! Anyways, thought we'd share some pictures -  enjoy!

Bailey and I on our trek up/down to the beach from the park. its a lot of exericse coming back up but we both need it. funny story about this cliff- when bailey was 5 months old, he decided to run down this thing and not wait for momma. well momma followed him one time but not the next. bailey had to run all the way back up to hill to me. since that day, bailey now does not venture down this hill without his momma in tow. :)

Bailey trying to climb a ice plant mountain. its funny hell run up there and plop down and enjoy the view. bailey even likes to munch on the plant beacuse they are very juicy.

the first thing bailey does... goes rolling in something. hes mastered the rolling technique

Bailey and I running off into the sunset. how cute. the sun will now set one hour earlier - so it'll be dark by the time i get home (5:30pm)

Bailey's favorite game - chase (he likes to be chased.... go figure)

enjoying the view. i loved the reflection. we came with a friend this day that will get a dog soon (right viv), and she was our awesome photographer that took pictures of bailey and I

Bailey watching the hangliders surf from the park. bailey doesnt bark at them at all!

little pools for puddle splashing. those rocks had clams all encrusted on them. well they did at one point!

conquering some rocks. look at that face. we couldnt get them two to look at the camera at the exact same time.

Bailey and his buddy catch playing on teh beach. Catch came to visit us this weekend so we took him to the beach!

Bailey found a ball and insisted we play catch. I threw the ball and it landed in some foam so bailey came out with all this foam on his nose. so cute!


Kelly said...

Such and amazing park!! I am quite jealous :)

Karen and Bailey said...

Kelly & Gibson - if you're ever on the west coast, let us know, well take you here! :)

Peanut said...

Oh Bailey. Eating random plants- which weeds are not safe. And going around the hill without you. And what a good day you had at the beach!

Karen and Bailey said...

got a little scared. so i looked it up. Ice Plant (although heavily annoyed by people), is non-toxic to both dogs and cats. yay! I was assuming so, becuase the park/cliff/beach is COVERED in this invasive stuff!

That corgi :) said...

I too like the picture with Bailey's reflection in the water! that looks like such a great place to hang out and let Bailey get some energy off of him plus get to go swimming! I know what you mean, it is hard with Daylight Savings Time ending. It makes for the majority of our evening walks in the dark (hubby goes with us :)

stay safe!


Laurie said...

So fun!!! Great pics :)

Jenny said...

What wonderful pictures! I'm totally jealous too, that beach looks so lovely...better than the dog beaches in FL.