Sunday, May 22, 2011

dog-dog, ball-dog or people-dog?

Bailey grew up as a dog-dog, more so than a people-dog (if given the option - he would be all over you if it was just people around). He loves other dogs, and when he was younger - gave everyone the benefit of the doubt and initiated play with any dog that came across his path. He was always up for a good wrestle over chasing the ball. I never got him to chase the ball in public until he was about 2 years of age. Before that, everything was a distraction at the park. It still is, to a point (he will only fetch if there are little to no dogs around).  With age, comes experience and Bailey now picks and chooses who he wants to wrestle with but is still not too much into fetching unless swimming is involved. He loves swimming to much he will choose it OVER wrestling!. Well! Today was one of those ever so rare wrestling moments. It's become rarer and rarer because Bailey has become more selective, and he's getting older - now almost 3 1/2 years!.  On this windy day at the beach/park - Bailey met a 14 month old mutt (named JAH-KE-MO - i dont know how it would correctly be spelled) right near the entrance of the park and lets just say the wind blew them both together and they had a blast!!!! I sure hope we run into them again! Got some pictures  and a cute video. Enjoy!

Bailey also got a compliment at the park today. Someone actually thought he was a puppy and were ga-ga ing over him and he soaked up every moment of it.

Friend and I digging our sand fort. We like it cool.

Friend secures our surroundings while i work

going to take a loo break and a breather and maybe wash my face too!

Friend and I wrestling in our newly dug hole.

Friend and I discussing who owns the hole

Friend hits my funny bone and I can't stop laughing

Friend though my cheeks looked yummy 

but i said to friend: my cheeks! my cheeks!

Video of Bailey and his new friend guarding their hole from doggie intruders:

p.s. before we covered the hole and left the scene, bailey decided to pee in it and mark it. he loves to mark holes. :) what a hole lover. haha


Lois said...

This is so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the team effort, the tumbles, and warding off the "invaders"

That corgi :) said...

I think it is so neat that Bailey enjoys being around other dogs and is "perfecting" his technique of who he likes to interact with! how cute!


Parker and Penelope said...

Hi, Parker is a ball dog + dog's dog. It seems that he is more willing to walk away from ball if there is an interesting dog coming by. Penelope is ball dog + people dog. She is getting better about other dogs.

Junior and Orion said...

We are glad you had so much fun Bailey!