Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's been so long!

Wow! We haven't officially blogged an entry for quite a while. So long in fact that I have the question..... since when did blogger change their whole website?? Hah! So, we have been keeping to our photo-a-day quest each day - but I've been doing that via mobile - so there hasn't been a reason to actually write a post up.

Bailey is doing quite fine. Everythings the same. I've been in and out of town, so he's been spoiled and loved and cared for by his grandma and aunts. :) He's since lost 1-2 pounds too, which I thank my sister for (longer walks! less treats!). We are finally past winter and into spring - and with the day becoming longer - I will defintely be taking Bailey on longer walks. Yesterday was one of those days. A lady even suprised us and came out of her house to say hello and told us of her quest to find a corgi. She asked if they were good with kids, barked, etc - but I had to remind her that all dogs were different and althought bailey is good with kids and only barked purposefully - it might not be the same with other corgis. It made me appreciate Bailey a lot more. He just stood there while I chatted with the lady for 15 minutes. What a good boy!

Bailey will be 3 1/2 soon.... and still has what I call... selective hearing! i.e. He'll be sniffing a bush. I'll say let's go!, Here!, treat!, but he continues to sniff the bush for messages. If i say kitty! callie (a bff)!, hell perk right up and pay attention. .... that booger. He is such a dork that way, but I sure hope "selective hearing" is a phase that he will grow out of!

Shedding is a big issue right now! I am pulling tuft and tufts of fur off of him, so much so I resorted to bringing the furminator to the park so the fur will just fly away with the wind rather than me collecting and vacuuming the fur at home. It works so much better (especially AFTER dog park time). A tired Bailey makes for a great combing opportunity!

We went last week to the vet to get his 5-in-1 booster shot. He hates the vet. He senses it the moment we arrive. I think the time they gave him the Bordatella through the nostril traumatized him for life.... or that time they expressed his anal glands. I'd have to ask him, but those are probably the top two reasons he hates to see the vet. Plus! we saw a corgi pup while we were there that was oh so cute! Oh! and an update on his cut paw - its healed up nicely and is back to 100%!

Bailey still has one personality trait that I do not care for - his dislike for young puppies. Bailey is bossy, macho, whatever you want to call it - and he likes to establish his rank among puppies. To a point where I have to scan the park to ensure there are no puppies younger than about 7 months for him to beat up - and leash him. It's not with all puppies, just those that do not show submission. He will not bite - but he does hover, pin, and bark! I am working to refocus his attention when I see him lock his sights on a puppy. It's 50/50. Sometimes, his "nature" rules over my voice.  I hope to one day report that this behavior is no longer existent - especially since I eventually want to add another corgi  - but definetly not in the next year or two.

Well! hope everyone is enjoying all our pictures!!! I'll have to think of something blogworthy to blog about for my next post!

p.s. If you haven't flipped your CorgiButts calendar yet - this month is Bailey! Mr. May! I made copies for people at work and now everyone can have a piece of Bailey!


Lindsey said...

omg! I haven't been on in awhile. But you banner is the most cutest thing ive ever scene! what a perfect shot!

Paige and Dexter said...

I agree with Lindsey, I LOVE that banner. Glad to hear Bailey is doing well, we are some of his biggest fans :)

That corgi :) said...

I think it is neat that Bailey at least can go to dog barks, even though he is not fond of the "young ones". I bet if you continue to work with him, hopefully he will leave them alone! Sorry about the vet, I know lots of dogs don't like going; who would, right? Koda is in there so much these days, I think it is second nature to him.

Shedding! it is that time isn't it? I know what you mean about those tuffets. Do you follow Courtney/Linus' blog? She had a picture of him getting vacuumed with the extra fur, not happening here for sure!!

thanks for the update!


Laurie said...

Wow, seems like Bailey and Sadie are a lot alike!!!

She certainly partakes in selective hearing haha, and her shedding is out of control right now, too.

Ok, the bordatella shot! OMG. I think it traumatized me too lol. The first time we got it done, they literally put a needle in the top of her nose. Then the next time they squirted it up her nostril. She is not a fan of either way haha.

She also does the same thing with puppies! I don't get it. She gets so annoyed with them because they're all hyper and jumping on her and she will just growl and put them in their place ha. Punk.

Silly corgis! Loving all your pics, and enjoying the month of May on my calendar!! :)