Saturday, May 14, 2011

New addition to the family

Not a new corgi puppy, but a Hoover windtunnel, pet version. My kenmore died last week. Motor burnt out already. Finally replaced it today cause the fur was piling up! Bailey was happy about not having a vacuum until I brought Hoover home (maybe giving it a name will help). For Bailey, it was hate at first sight  - but I am so far very pleased. It's picked up a lot of stuff that I would've never thought - lots of dust - which you can see in the clear dust can thing. It's bagless - and 2 out of the three filters are washable - the third hepa needs to be replaced only yearly - depending on how often you use it. Also, I am figuring out that I will need to purchase a "pet approved" vacuum from now on - the previous kenmore progressive canister was purchased before I had Bailey. Whats the best vacuum youve owned and would reccommend?!!?? Hoover does make a lot of different models, and I just picked one in my price range. Luckily its got great reviews online. Hm..... I will defintely take your suggetsions for when I need to purchase another addition - hopefully not for a lot of years to come but you never know!

p.s. Couldn't get a better picture of Bailey and Hoover cause Bailey dislikes it so much he wouldn't get any closer...

Have a great weekend!


That corgi :) said...

I'm drawing a blank right now on those really expensive vacuums (like close to $500........) but they are supposed to be great for pets (they have a pet version that of course costs more money......). We were going to get one (okay I went back and found the name--Dyson, duh) Anyway, we were going to get one but a bit out of our price range so we went with an Oreck (bags) that we have had good luck wit.

Here's a link to an entry I wrote in 2009 when our vacuum died. Lots of people recommended the Dyson.

Koda is with Bailey; he hates the vacuum cleaner. He rushes at it and barks at it and bites at it. We have teeth marks on the front of it, LOL!

enjoy your new vacuum! Anything that picks up corgi hair is a good one indeed!


Kelly said...

What do you mean by 'pet friendly' vacuum? One that Bailey will tolerate or one that picks up all of his hair? I like my Bissell.. but I'm not a big neat freak and honestly only vacuum once every few weeks.. even w/corgi hair everywhere! Whoops :) I've heard great things about Dysons too.. but I am not ready to spend that much money on a vacuum :)

Junior and Orion said...

Well, our Meowm bought one of the Dyson Animal. Yep, she splurged. It is made especially for people with animals, and with two of us kitties in the house, she needs it, and she loves it!

We don't like it, so we can understand how Baily feels!

Karen and Bailey said...

Kelly: I meant one that will suck up all of Bailey's hair!