Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

First of all, Bailey and I were pleasantly surprised that  Bailey won a spot in Kelly & Gibson's 2012 calendar contest, as Mr. September 2012! It sure looks like it is going to be a great calendar, although some buddies of Bailey's didn't make the final cut. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR BAILEY.

Check out the results here:

Last weekend, I went out to three baseball games, one each day over at AT&T park to watch the San Francisco Giants take on the Houston Astros. Friday's game I almost froze to death (we don't normally have a real real hot summer, but I swear, it was in the low 50's that night!). On Saturday, woke up bright and early and ran a 5K for the charity Project Open Hand - which was fun and I shocked myself in running 2/3 of it. :) it was great, but I then stayed out all day shopping then watching the game at night. I defintely overexhausted myself.

However! the next day was a big day for Bailey and I - it was Dog Days of Summer at the ballpark! That meant that I got to bring Bailey to the ballpark to the game with me (its a one a season sorta thing). We purchased tickets in advance and were super excited. Bailey, of course, brought his bff Catch with him and they went out to breakfast together in the morning, then we walked over to the ballpark to line up for the parade. We even saw the manager Bruce Bochi in the dugout! :)

So, the day starts off with a parade around the warning track for all the pooches. Mind you, last year, bailey took two poops on the track and a couple of pees. This time around he managed to only pee on a post outside the visitors dugout, which I appreciated. There were no poop incidents. Bailey loves this strut. However, they do move us along quickly so I wasn't able to take many pictures but did get some, and some video too:

Also, let me explain the beard. This started with the Giants in 2010. Players started sporting beards, the most famous being that of our closer, Brian Wilson. It's just one of those superstitious things, but he's kept it, through the world series win and all, and it was back this season. The tagline for his beard  is... FEAR THE BEARD. We thought it would be the cutest thing to create a beard for the dogs for the game, so we did. Partly created from a costume beard + the addition of some craft supplies to fluffen it up. The results were:

We didn't elect to enter the costume contest, but I think Bailey would've had a good shot. The beard was a huge hit! :)

Here's Bailey meeting some of his new friends, Lucy and Kelly!

Here's a picture of the boys in our "annual" picture spot. We always take a picture in front of this gate!

Here's bailey hiding under the bleachers cause it was so HOT! 

The view from our seats. We had one ball come in our direction. That was interesting!!!

Here are the two boys enjoying their seats and waiting for treats

Bailey was a good fan too! He was barking everytime the fans were clapping and cheering!! Go Giants!! haha

Here are the boys enjoying some regular seats, and watching the seagulls invade for their early dinners!

So, we then made our way to the stands, found our seat, grabbed some food and watched the game.

It was so HOT. I actually suffered from a farmers tan afterwards, with both the upper part of my arms burnt to a crisp, and my scalp too! I neglected to bring sunglasses or a hat, which I regret. The next day I woke up with the worst stomach ache and fever, but I recovered over the next two days. Not sure what that was, but Bailey was a super sweetheart! Overall, the weekend was a blast, and even though we were a bit tortured by the sun and a loss, we're still going back next year!

Sorry! keeping this blog post short, Bailey's ready to go to the park! then we're going to be heading to the Arts & Wine festival in Millbrae :)



Laurie said...

Congrats! That pic was too cute not to make it in!!

And I'm still jealous they have a dog day at your stadium!! So fun!

Karen and Bailey said...

Thanks Laurie, we were sad Sadie disnt make it.

The ballgame was great except it was truly like having a three year old but my threes year old was fuzzy and tried to eat everything off the ground... Hah