Friday, August 31, 2012

doggy daycare = zZzZz

Bailey after doggy daycare. We won two all-day visits during a costume contest last year (where bailey dawned on a fake beard and basebal cap to impersonate Brian Wilson from the San Francisco Giants), and with a few car repairs scheduled today, I decided to drop the booger off at daycare so I wouldn't have to worry about rushing home. Well! after spending 8 hours there, I can tell you ... he loved it? I don't actually know for sure becuase they wouldn't let me in the darn place .. and asked that I needed to schedule a "tour" if I wanted to see the facility ( their reasoning was that the dog could develop seperation anxiety if you were allowed to drop them off in the back). Anyways, I can't tell if Bailey enjoyed it or if it would be worth $50, but he was really tired! Right when we got into the car, he started napping in a sitting up position. Funny boy.

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Little Miss Pudgy Paws said...

We take the dogs to Camp Bow Wow in Temecula. Yes, they love it! How do I know? Not only are you welcome to go in at any time, but the pups are on web cam 24/7. Both in the play areas, which are delineated by size, and in their 'cabins' at night. The staff are called Rangers; and yes, customers, or Campers, do report in at the Ranger Station. The Camp Counselor, Ranger Ann I think, sends them home with a report card complete with pictures of their stay and friends embedded into the report. ( I wish I could have prepared something this slick for my professional reports!) Special requests are welcomed and follow through appears to be close to 100%. My daughter is in her mid twenties now so I don't know how human day care works anymore. If it is helped by technology as much as Camp Bow Wow, it is a good thing. Anyway, I would take a close look at any care that is not transparent. Whether it be foe children, dogs, the ill, or the elderly. IMHO
Rebecca & Loki