Tuesday, April 6, 2010

11-12 weeks, getting used to being home alone

I am at work all day, so Bailey, as a youngster was trained on potty pads until he learned to hold it outdoors. I spent countless evenings wiping up the mess when I returned from work but Bailey did help sometimes (i.e. he ate his own poop!). Anyways, it was during these hours he perfected his new hobby – cardboard box destruction. The area in the kitchen in which I gated Bailey was too large, so I set up cardboard boxes so close the place in a bit until he grew into it. Well, Bailey decided that these boxes were in his way, so he chewed holes in them. I’m lucky to say that this was the only real destruction bailey caused as a pup. He never really nipped on me (except one time I was running down the hall from my room to the bathroom and he decided and his herding instinct kicked in and he tore a hole in my sock)… and never really was noisy, or disobedient. I really lucked out, after hearing some other stories on mycorgi.com

So, when I did have my Fridays off and the weekend, I’d take bailey on long walks –whether it be exploring the neighborhood, Ocean Beach or Golden Gate Park. I remember the human cousins sleeping over at the house a lot, and a lot of neighborhood walks.

I bought bailey’s first jacket at Target, that I still have but that he has outgrown. Bailey grew about a pound a week. At 8 weeks I remember him being about 7.5 lbs (per the vet). 9 weeks he was 9 pounds, 10weeks 10 lbs. I remember at 12 weeks, bailey was about 11.5 lbs. Bailey grew like this up until about 20 weeks. At that tiem, it was more like ¼-1/2 lb a week. He hovered at 25 lbs for quite awhile , and the most recent weight I have is about 33.5 lbs. Bailey is definitely not overweight, but is a lean and LONG and overall large corgi. 

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