Tuesday, April 6, 2010

13-14 weeks old, soaking it all in

I can't remember exactly if it was an abnormally dry winter in 2007-2008. This year, we are still getting plenty of rain in March/April. In 2008, I cannot recall the same situation. Nevertheless, it made it easier to potty train bailey in April of 2008 due to the dry weather. When we made trips anywhere indoors (i.e. a friends house), id be sure to bring a potty pad just in case.

Bailey and I made a big trip to auntie Vivian’s house to check out her new deck. Bailey had tons of fun on it and enjoyed the sunny weather.

I frequently brought Bailey to all the nearby pet supply shops just for fun. We are still, to this day, are great pet store window shoppers. We just like to get out. Hahaha.

As far as bailey’s coloring goes – bailey was born with a dark grayish brownish reddish fur. Up until about 13 weeks – it was very much still reddish brownish, but at about 13 weeks, the widows peak (signature marking of a sable corgi) started to appear. That widows peak, as you can see, did not last. Bailey is currently what I call a GOLDEN corgi – he’s got a really deep red outer coat, and a beige fluffy under coat. He’s truly unique. Also, bailey wasn’t born with a white collar nor a white blaze. He was born with two white dots on the back of his neck, and a small stroke on his nose of white. Both areas of white have now diminished, and you can hardly tell he was born with any white fur at all on his head. Bailey’s a true redhead. Hehe.

One night, I decided to stick bailey in a large tote bag to see what he would do. He didn’t mind it to much, but like all puppies, was teething and decided it was just one more thing to chew on.

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