Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2009, routines

We didn't do anything big for bailey's first birthday (which i have apologized to him for and have since made it up with his second birthday party).

Bailey and I are on somewhat of a routine since I moved out. I wake up early in the mornings, take him for a quick walk, then he goes in, gets fed, and i leave. Bailey sleeps all day (since to be proven via a webcam), and when i arrive home, he leaps in enjoyment. If the days are still long (spring/summer), well go to teh dog park on teh days i dont go to the gym. If the days are short, well take walks around the neighborhood. Then we go home, we both have dinner, TV/Playtime/stuff, then off to bed we go. Bailey turned out to be pleasure to raise during the first year. I love him so much!

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