Tuesday, April 6, 2010

long lost brother, LEO!

Bailey's 1 year birthday was approaching, and I decided to drive down to Mountain View and attend the Corgi meetup that happens down there every 3rd saturday. Well it happened to be about a week before Bailey's first birthday, and I decided to also pick up my young human cousins for the trip as well. Upon arriving there, I remember just hanging out under the shade, bailey mingling, and we see this tri colored corgi approaching the gate. The owners walked in and let the dog off leash and he bolted. BOLTED across the park in excitement. My first thought was "thats just like bailey!" . Well....... long story short - we found out that Leo, the tri colored bolting corgi, was Bailey's LITTERMATE. What an awesome awesome awesome discovery. Leo and his owners don't go to the meetups often, and it was our first time down there. It was pure luck that they found each other. They wrestled quite a bit as if they had known each other for years, then we snapped a few pics, and got some contact information before we left. What a great day that was. =D

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