Tuesday, April 6, 2010

22 weeks, Fort Funston, Pine Lake Park & Corona Heights Park

It was around this time and I took Bailey to every dog park that I could find. I was on my search for our favorite dog park in San Francisco. Our current favorites are (in no real particular order): Crissy Beach, St. Mary’s Dog Park & Fort Funston.

We love Fort Funston. It’s HUGE, OPEN and FABULOUS. Enough said. Look for better pictures in later posts. =)

Corona Heights was a one time thing. It’s an awkward park, and it didn’t seem too friendly, so we never came back. Gorgeous views though!

We like Pine Lake Park. Its huge, open and grassy – but we only come on a super hot day (rare). You'll find corgis under your picnic chairs when it gets that hot. Otherwise, Bailey gets all muddy.. and when we venture out into the side with the lake, bailey tends to jump in = bad. But otherwise, pretty cool park.

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