Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SF Giants: Dog Days of Summer 2008

At this point, I stopped counting the weeks. Too old for that now. We switched over to months. A little under over 7 months now (august 2008), bailey just made the cut (6 months) to attend the annual Dog Days of Summer baseball game put on by the San Francisco Giants. Not only do you get to bring your dog to the game, they provide water and goodies as well. ANDDDD…. You get to parade around the warning track before the game starts!!! How awesome is that?!?! This was our first year attending, and if it weren’t for Bailey’s friend Bella the corgi – we probably wouldn’t have went. I REMEMBER IT BEING SOOOO HOT THAT DAY. It was fun, and I believe the Giants won. Thank goodness it was a night game in 2009.

The shirt bailey is wearing was made from a free shirt i got at fanfest that I cut up and sewed back together.

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