Tuesday, April 6, 2010

B is for Beaches

Bailey is now 8 months old. We visited a few beaches this month, namely Ocean Beach... and...... our current favorite... Crissy Beach! Crissy Beach is a off-leash dog friendly (most of the time) beach where Bailey learned how to swim. They have a marsh that drains into the bay and vice versa depending on whether its ebb or flow... but bailey loves to swim in that stream. Also a plus is the fact that Crissy Beach is on the northern part of the city, closer east bounded by the SF Bay- which makes it much sunnier and warmer than Ocean Beach. Adjacent to Crissy Beach is Crissy Field, a fabulous humungous grassy area where Bailey learned to fetch. Oh and by the way, Crissy Beach/Field has BEAUTIFUL views of Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day.

Crissy Field:

Ocean Beach:

Fort Funston:

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