Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A bit about me and the search for a corgi

I am a first time dog owner, currently residing in San Francisco, CA. I work for a large company headquartered in the East Bay (thank goodness for the reverse commute). Sometime in 2007, I realized that I really wanted a dog, a corgi to be exact. One of my closest friends had a corgi (Hi Lumpia!!!), that I fell in love with. If we were to rewind a couple years back, I would’ve never imagined to be the dog owner I am today. I used to be a 100% cat person – but realized somewhere along the line that dogs were for me. So…. In late 2007 I started my corgi quest which eventually led me to Bailey.

So, in November-December 2007 I started my search online. I ended up posting a wanted ad for a male red/white corgi on a classified ads website, and about a week later got a response. There was a 15 week old red-white puppy that was available from a family in Stockton, CA. This was one week after I posted. I was in no shape, and definetly not ready to take on a puppy that was ready for its new home. So, I declined – citing that I’d need to do more research. I spent a month researching on how to care for a dog, what to get, etc, and finally, in late January 2008 – felt I was ready. I posted another wanted AD, and got a response a few days later. A nice lady with a kennel up north in Corning, CA replied. Bailey’s mom Bailey (pure coincidence!) and Cooper had a litter of 7 pups (2 Red/white – which later turned out to be sable, and 5 tris). I asked for pictures, and here is what she sent. They were born on January 21, 2008. These pictures are at 1 week old. I eventually picked the one on the left, and named him… Bailey.

I must remind everyone that I am a first time dog owner. My family has never had dogs as pets growing up, and I knew nothing of the pet industry, what food to feed, what toys to buy, etc. But, I was smart enough (luckily! Haha) to do MASSIVE amounts of internet research on dog care when I knew I was going to get a dog. I took this new responsibility seriously, and I even joke at times that I now have this library of information in my brain large enough to probably write a book (I am currently sharing this information with a neighbor of mines that has decided to get a corgi !).  Knowing what I know today, I would’nt have gone the route above to get a corgi puppy. But I do not for a second regret getting Bailey the way I did (I just didn’t know any better!).

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