Tuesday, April 6, 2010

for the love of kids

Bailey is really good around kids. He doesn't mind them running around one bit, and has never attempted to herd them or bark at them. I'm so grateful for that! About two weeks ago, Bailey and I headed over to a coworkers new house for a housewarming party. Bailey was delighted to find out he was invited too!

However, there were some other excitable dogs that were invited too, one by the name of TANNER. Tanner probably had never seen a corgi ever before, and with bailey being neutered, he probably smelled quite girly. Tanner, a un-neutered male, found Bailey quite interesting. To keep a long story short, Bailey spent most of the afternoon telling Tanner off and trying to run away from him. Poor Bailey.

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nakamura said...

Hey There is R1 and R2!!! Yea Tanner was really too much! Mr Ray need to run with him more often.