Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fort Funston

Bailey and I make frequent trips to Fort Funston throughout the year. We love how much SPACE there is for dogs to run free. One of my absolute most favorite things to do is climb up to the top of the sand dunes with Bailey and sit there and play fetch, or to just admire the view of the coastline. It's just amazing on a clear sunny day! Below are some pictures that we've gotten from this wonderful place. Theres even routes down to the beach, hangliders to watch fly by, and plenty of spots to rest. Also, this park has been the spot where weve shot our last two winning pictures for the mycorgi.com calendar (2008 and 2009). click here to see a list of the winners.

Speaking of the 2010 calendar, back in November of 2009, Bailey and I submitted the following photo, and won again! Bailey is Mr. July 2010. I currently have the calendar on my wall at work... and am waiting patiently for July to arrive!


Laurie said...

Hey there! Found you through Finley's blog :) Bailey is so cute!! Thought we'd say hello!

-Laurie and Sadie

Karen and Bailey said...

Thanks Laurie! I found you also through Sam & Finley.. ahahah :)