Tuesday, April 27, 2010

if bailey could talk... what would bailey the corgi say?

Do you ever have those moments where you wonder what your dog would say if he could say something??? I get those moments almost every day, and here are some I’d like to share. Maybe you can relate:

1. Scenario: I’m getting up for work at 6am, Bailey’s in his bed, motionless but eyes are open.
What Bailey would say: “Is it already 6am, mom? Can you hit the snooze for another 10 minutes?” or maybe he’s pondering “Hmm.. what’s for breakfast today?” or “*YAWN* What is that bright light…….*blink blink*”

2. Scenario: I just arrived home, and open the door.
What Bailey would say: “Mom!!!! I’m so happy to see you!!! And I missed you a lot, and let me show you how much energy I have….”

3. Scenario: We just got home from the dog park. Bailey has that look in his eye of avoidance at all costs
What Bailey would say: “Don’t you dare. I am not dirty!!! I don’t need a stinkin bath!!!” or “I wonder if I’d fit under the couch just about now…”

4. Scenario: I take out the vacuum, broom, swiffer, hair dryer, etc and attempt to clean the house
What Bailey would say: “#@%^@#^125@@##%~! get that intruder out of here.. no one cleans in my house!!!”

5. Scenario: I go over to pick up his poop at the park and Bailey looks back for a split second
What Bailey would say: “What the heck are you doing mom?? You are so weird!!!”… and then he runs off embarrassed… (I wonder a lot if Bailey thinks i embarass him).

6. Scenario: Bailey and I in the pet store browsing the aisles
What Bailey would say: “Mom, I really don’t need anything else… let’s just head to the checkout counter for fun so that I can score a free treat” .

7. Scenario: I am watching TV, bailey walks around a bit and plops down facing me, ears twitching and eyes scanning around me
What Bailey would say: “Mom, I love you so much and I hope you know that” or “I’m tired, can I sit on that couch too?!?!!??” .

However, I am glad that they cannot talk. I believe that would be way too strange ……. And probably would creep me out just a tad.  I wonder what Bailey would say about this blog… hahahha.


Kelly said...

haha, we make Gibson talk ALL the time. I'm sure we sound pretty crazy to outsiders :)

Laurie said...

Hahaha I always wonder what Sadie is thinking! I also always wonder what different animals would sound like if they could talk, like the tone of their voices hahaha.

Karen and Bailey said...

hehehe i would hope bailey had a normal voice.

hmm anyone watch the movie UP. my fiend said my post reminds her of the collar the dog had in the movie that allowed him to talk!!!... Squirrel!!

Karen said...

your bailey is so cute!
i also wonder what my puppy, Butterball is thinking and what he would say if he could talk.

Karen and Bailey said...

Thanks Karen! Butterball - what a cute name!