Monday, April 26, 2010

treats galore and saving with bailey

Pardon us for posting twice in a day, I had these blog posts typed up over the weekend and "lined up" for this week and.. well we couldn't wait!

Anyone else have enough treats to feed all the dogs on the block??  I usually stock up when theres a sale... and bailey's favorite treats are the following, and are bailey-approved!:

1. Baa Baa Q's - 1 lb bag - It's like a dehydrated 100% natural Lamb Lung snack. They are easy to break apart and bailey goes NUTS.  Yes, sounds gross but the dogs love it. Bailey also loves bully sticks and beef tendons.... :). We use lamb lung when we are trimming bailey's nails or combing him!

Where we buy: Pet Club usually on sale for $14.99/bag a couple times a year; otherwise they do have them at Petsmart for a little under $30 (HAH!)..., but if there's no Pet Club near you, I'd recommend purchasing them online from here 1-800-PetMeds ; only $19.99 (we love their customer service, and you can usually find codes online to make the overall cost lower) - and they PRICE MATCH!

2. Wellness Pure Rewards Jerky/Wellbites - Bailey's everyday favorite jerky snack, also 100% natural. Soft and chewy, great for training! Warning: These treats smell a bit funny especially if you buy the fish flavored ones...

Where to buy: We usually buy these at our local mom & pop shop, or Pet Club. We also subscribe to the Wellness newsletter here and they send us coupons for food and treats every month. You should also check your food manufacturer's website to see if they have a club similar to this - they might also e-mail you coupons monthly too! Regular price on these runs about $9/bag - but I've seen them at local stores for as low as $7.

3. Farm Stand Selects Buffalo Jerky - Bailey LOVES these treats. We're not huge fans of Nature's Recipe, but their Farm Stand Selects (R) line looks pretty natural. These treats are made with human-grade buffalo (I've never tried it though...) and bailey goes just about bonkers and drools when this bag opens. It acutally smells like real beef jerky out of the bag.

Where to buy:  Petsmart carries this brand, and at Petsmart I often see a representative promoting the Farm Stand Selects line to customers, and , usually, you can snag a coupon from them for $3 off the treats! Regular price is around $8/bag.

There are so many more treats Bailey loves, but i decided to highlight a few for you. He also loves greenies, milkbones, natural balance biscuits/rolls, bit-o-luv jerky,  zuke's, wild alaskan sakmon treats, etc. And..... Bailey isn't too picky about the treats he gets (although he has a preference for chewy over crunchy). The treats I've highlighted above are highlighted because they are great, 100% natural treats without crap and other bad gas-causing ingredients in them. There are however, many good, natural treats for pets, too many for me to list here. These are just the three that came to mind, and stuff that we currently have in Bailey's pantry (small 3-drawer storage cart we have for bailey's goodies and toys... :D). After all this treat talking, you must wonder if Bailey is overweight. He's at a healthy and lean 33.4 lbs the last time i weighed him. :) The pictures prove it! :)

Also, released a bunch of new Pet coupons today, under "pet care". Two of these coupons were worth mentioning. I'm not a huge fan of Purina treats, but at this price, it makes for a great low cost donation to any local shelter!!!

1. Friskies Cat Treats - 2.1 oz bag on sale currently at Target for 1.33, and with the $1 off coupon @ , these treats are $0.33 a bag!! Also, if you still have the 01/24/2010 SmartSource coupon insert from the newspaper, you can use the buy one get one free Friskies Party Mix coupon (expiring 4/30/2010), to get one bag free. That means 2 bags for $0.33!!!

2. Purina Beggin Strips - 6oz package on sale currently at Target for $2.46, use the $1/1 coupon at and that'll bring this treat down to $1.46/bag.

Happy shopping... :)

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Karen and Bailey said...

oh and people! it appears that petsmart has the cat treats for $1... so with that coupon from, they will be FREE.