Monday, April 26, 2010

web cam moments

I was curious one day as to what my bailey bear does when I am at work. Well, long story short (and one webcam purchase later), I learned that he does nothing but SLEEP all day. :) just fabulous. We did have a live streaming video channel on USTREAM that I checked on during work, but needless to say it became a real chore to turn on in the mornings.

I also realized that since my camera is out of order, I can take pictures with my web cam at home... like this one. This is a picture of Bailey awaiting me to get off the computer so that we can go to bed. He usually isn't allowed on the bed, but sometimes I give in and let him sleep there if he's just had a bath. Some things that make me hesitant of leeting him sleep on my bed more often is that:

1. He's a rock. He will not move even if you use your foot to try to shift him. It's like trying to slide a 30lb weight across your mattress with one foot... all while half asleep.

2. He might try to jump off in the middle of the night. I don't want him to hurt his back

3. Fur control. I want to limit the amount to fur on me. Everyone knows we find dog fur in our clothes, hair... even food at times.

 4. He might just get used to it, and I do want his crate to be his regular bed spot.

Where do your corgi's sleep?

On another note, Bailey and I are excited that Bailey has invited his cousins over for a sleepover. Should be this upcoming week or the next. Hope you guys are excited!!!


Kelly said...

Gibson sleeps in our bed w/us. It's much more convenient, since if he sleeps somewhere else, he comes up super early in the morning to wake me up, while on the bed he's much more polite and lets me sleep in ;)

Laurie said...

Sadie sleeps in bed with me. I wouldn't have it any other way though. I've gotten so used to it that I can't fall asleep unless she is laying on some part of me haha.

I always wondered what Sadie does when I'm gone, too, but I figured it was just sleep considering my bed is a mess when I get home haha.

Bri said...

Sammy is most definately on the bed with us! I wouldn't know how to sleep otherwise! If he was on the ground, I would end up on the ground. When we talked about dogs, Erik didn't want ANY dogs on the bed with him, I of course needed it! First night home, I of course said lets give it a try and if you hate it, I'll figure out a way to deal. And Erik liked waking up to his little puppy cuteness. Originally he was on the foot of the bed, but he realized it's a dangerous place, and cold in winter. He moved up to the head of the bed. Erik and I each have 2 pillows, Sammy realized I only used 1 and took the other as his. Now he sleeps above my head on his own pillow with his head next to mine on MY pillow! Haha. If he gets cold, he wiggles between us and snuggles. If he gets hot he rolls onto his back along the wall at the head of the bed and kicks anyone who touches him! He is not a morning riser, either. Sammy loves his sleep, and more importantly his sleep schedule, if whines if we aren't in bed, and if in bed and his pillow is unattainable, whines til he gets it! It's his thing. So he doesn't sleep away well at all!

Karen and Bailey said...

wooww!!!! maybe im missing out on something, LOL. Bailey always gives me a look when i hop into bed, as if he were asking me "mom can i come up there too?". sometimes i give in (the cute face is hard to resist), but sometimes i say "go to your bed", and he will go in his crate for a second or two and come back out. Bailey loves sleeping UNDER the bed, but eventually makes it into his crate, and he knows not to jump on my bed unless i allow it.

Also, baileys not much of a snuggler, so hes never enjoyed cuddling. hes very much independent! so i dont think id ever find him on my pillow in hte mroning, although the sound of that is so... cute!

maybe ill let him sleep on my bed tonight. :)