Sunday, April 25, 2010

out of order

So... our camera is currently out of order. No pictures. nothing. You would understand how sad that is if you saw my flickr account and the total # pictures I have of Bailey. Anyways, i got a time quote on the repair.. and they give it up to a month. So we'll see. For now, i've been using my old camera that can't do anything but take video..... so I'm trying to see if i can get snapshots of the video to get somewhat of a picture for our blogging.. or resort to using my cell phone.. either way we will get some pictures up!

Also, Bailey is currently out of order too (a.k.a. passed out from being tired). We went to the dog park three days in a row, and the pet store too (just for fun - I like to think Bailey loves shopping just as much as I do). We are enjoying the sunny days were having now, since rain is in the forecast, yet again, for the next couple of days. I love exploring new dog parks. This past weekend we visited one in San Mateo. It was fenced in, grassy, but it was sunny with absolutely no shade and water - but had poop bags and 1 bench and a trash can. It was alright. Thank goodness I had a baseball cap, and a bottle of water. There were also only two dogs on a sunny Friday afternoon (quite strange).We did manage to get nice pictures of Bailey next to some blooming ice plant (we took video, i uploaded it to youtube and then took snapshots of the video!!!). But..... nothing ever compares to Fort Funston or Crissy Beach in San Francisco. We love those big open park areas that allow me and Bailey both to explore together. However, for quick-runs after work, our favorite small dog park is St. Mary's Park. It's fenced-in (not a must for bailey, but keeps my blood pressure down lol), full grass ( i hate dirt-covered dog parks), water fountain (a must!), shade (YES!), and nice dogs & people!.The only thing about smaller dog parks is that dogs are usually the ones who get exercise (not the people), and with bigger ones, people get exercise too!

Oh, anyone else's corgi shedding like godzilla right now? I see fluffballs blowing throughout the house, and Bailey doesn't love to be brushed... so im having to treat him while i comb him, which isn't too easy if you've tried. One hand has treats, the other has a brush, and the corgi, well, is wiggling all around to avoid the brush hand, but at the same time you're trying to get him to stay still so that you can brush him. Once the treats are gone, so is the dog. GREAT.... hahahaha

Have a great week everyone!


Laurie said...

Ugh yes, Sadie is shedding like crazy, but the furminator is wonderful!!! I recommend it if you don't already have it...that is if you can get Bailey to let you brush him! Haha. Sadie doesn't mind it, but it really does get so much hair out!

Karen and Bailey said...

Hey Laurie! Yes we have the furminator, but I still have to get him into a confined area to be brushed, and he gets lamb lung while we are furminating!