Wednesday, April 7, 2010

making memories with patty bear

It’s been a nice six months, but Patty, my coworker, has elected to move back to Washington (BOO!!!!) so we decided to go to Crissy Field with her one last time. Patty was originally from WA, but moved to CA to work with us. Barbara, another coworker, joined us on this day as well. We took bailey swimming, went to Kitaro’s for a sushi lunch, then headed over to Mountain Lake Park for the monthly corgi meetup. Patty and Barbara then got the nails done in our neighborhood salon (Jolie’s) while I gave Bailey a much-need bath, and we then went back to our place and watched two movies – Office Space (cool movie) and Best in Show (weirdest movie EVER). It was an awesome, action packed day. Bailey enjoyed some of the snack spread we had on the coffee table during both movies, but was passed out for most of the time from the activities earlier in the day.

We will miss you PATTY!!! :****************************( . Who’s going to save you from the hair dryer now?!?!? Mochi?!?!!??


Patricia said...

This is so sweet and funny! Look at Barb. she's staring out in the distance to her obsession- legs. Bailey, I'm sure Mochi will run away from the vacuum.. instead of protecting me. :D

Alison said...

LOL! I like your post! Mochi will definitely bark at it and then run away! haha

Karen and Bailey said...

haha yes her leg obsession. haha.