Wednesday, April 7, 2010

smarty pants with spongey pockets

Corgis, as with any other herding breed, are very smart dogs – like….. extra strength super absorbent orange sponges. =) Bailey was learning commands on the first day he came home. I remember teaching him “sit” at 8 weeks. Now, nearly 27 months old (a little over 2 years), he knows a whole list of tricks (he’d know even more if I spent more time teaching him). Not that he always listens to me, but I know he knows them. So here’s the grand list of tricks.

Commands he knows: Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Roll Over, Come, Bang Bang (play dead), Crawl, Weave, Stand, Treat on the nose/paws, tunnel, shake/paw, up (on the hind legs), circle/spin, front (stand in front of me facing me), heel, stop, touch, and …. ?

Does anyone have any new tricks suggestions for us? And is anyone else excited that baseball season has started?? we are!

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Annie said...

he can do place too and something else but i forgot :P