Thursday, May 13, 2010

Video Friday: Baby Bailey

I won't have time to post Friday PST, but hey, if we're talking EST - its already friday... and you know what that means... Video Friday time!!

Ahh... how I can't remember how little bailey used to be :( early all floppy... all golden-retriever looking. awww. This video was taken minutes after arriving home from the breeders' and our 3 hr drive... he had just had his first bath and enjoying the treat he deserved for being such a calm boy. i miss those days!

And here's a video of bailey enjoying a bit of jerky while i was filming him in his new shirt... at 14 weeks old! :) he is soo cute.. and CALM!!!!!!!... and actually wanted to sit in my lap. I am surprised!!! lol

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! I have the day off tomorrow, so we are heading down south to pick up my camera tomorrow, then probably stop by a random dog park and snap thousands of pictures, and of course do some window shopping at whatever pet stores we see along the way!


Karen said...

awww i love bailey's floppy ears. i never got to see butterball with floppy ears :( i feel like i missed out on this one.

have fun on your trip :D

Kelly said...

awwww I love puppy memories :) He was so cute and fluffy! :)

Lindsey said...

awww cute videos!!! Have a fun weekend. I LOVE San Francisco :)