Monday, May 10, 2010

sleepover, swimming & mothers day

My camera is repaired!!! Canon covered it under their manufacturer’s warranty, no questions asked. I won’t have time to pick it up until Friday though… and im so excited I might just go picture crazy this upcoming weekend!!

Well, as I noted last week, two of my younger cousins slept over, and we had a great weekend! I picked them up on Friday night, and we stayed up late Friday night EATING doing some crafty stuff (made some mother’s day cards and finished up the scrapbook I made for my mom). Then, Saturday, we headed over to Crissy Beach (bailey’s favorite place!! – he always has this look of excitement on his face when hes here). We did a lot of fetching in the water, chasing/digging in the sand. This time was extra special because we had Faith, a coworker, join us with her two Australian Shepherd’s and one Papillon: Summer (the sweetheart), Catch (the curious sniffer), and Miette (crazed Charlie-bear loving cute-as-can-be dancer). I'll upload pictures of them when I get them uploaded on flickr!

Pictures provided courtesy of The A’s (my three young cousins with names starting with the letter A) camera. Thanks!!!

After the trip to Crissy Beach, we sat on a picnic table near the windsock, and ate lunch. We then went to the local pet store so that Miette's mom could get her a new harness (her older brother chewed it up). Then, we went to Mountain Lake Park for the monthly Corgi meetup. There were a handful of new corgi's this month. We met Madden (6 mo old pem tri) @ crissy beach and told her about the meetup, two red/white pem puppies (I can't remember their names!!) and the usuals bailey, nicholas, mona, kiko, and waffles. There were also a handful of non-corgis at the park too. Bailey didn't run around too much - he was WAY too tired from his outing at crissy beach and spent time laying in the shade and drinking water.

Bailey got a much needed bath after the days events, and we spent the rest of Saturday lounging around watching tv, playing video games, cooking dinner & resting.

Mother's day was spent at grandmoms house (my moms house), where we had dim sum (chinese food) for lunch, and Bailey got to sample a bit of steamed bun and sponge cake and pork dumpling. :) Although Bailey didn't make me a mother's day card or send me flowers, I still love him - of course. I seriously cannot imagine life without him. It's just so cute when they follow you around the house just because they want to go where you are going (or where they think you are going). It's nice to feel needed & noticed. I hope everyone else had a great momma's day!


Kelly said...

Yay for your camera! I don't know what I'd do w/o mine :)

Your weekend sounds great! You're so lucky to be near beaches and lots of other corgis for meetups! :)

Bri said...

that looks like so much fun! i wish we had a beach! i'm glad your camera is back!! :)

That corgi :) said...

sounds like a fun weekend with your cousins and corgi gatherings! and it also sounds like it was a nice mother's day over your mom's; I know she enjoyed the time with you. I think it is neat how you and Bailey definitely have bonded very well with each other :)


Karen and Bailey said...

yea i know, we are spoiled. i cannot ever imagine moving out of the city because it is so dog friendly here. bailey cant either. hehehehe thanks for all your comments!

Sam and Finley said...

Yayy, I am so glad your camera is going to be fixed!! I know that feeling. and I'm not sure what I'd do if I couldn't take millions of pictures of Finn doing all kinds of random stuff ALL the time ;)

We must must must come to Chrissy beach with you sometime!! I know I always say it, but it's got to happen. Bailey looks soooo cute wading in the water up to his little fluffy bloomer fur!! hehe :) Glad you and your cousins all had a good time!!